Thursday, October 4, 2012

Clap On.... Clap Off.... Clap On, Clap Off...THE CLAPPER.

So last night I decided to change out my reservoir after the Low Reservoir Alarm sounded about 20 minutes before I was ready to hit the sack. 
I had 9 units left and I felt like it was better to be safe than sorry. So I got up off the couch, unscrewed my reservoir and tubing from my pump & my person, rewound the pump, and then went to get myself a refill.
I went in the fridge, grabbed my insulin and a fresh reservoir ( I’ve mentioned this before, I keep a few insulin reservoirs in the fridge to save me a step,) filled up and went to grab my pump. It wasn’t on my waist or my kitchen counter. I figured I must have left it on the couch. 
So back in the Living room I went.... And  it wasn’t on the couch. Or the coffee table, TV stand, or marble end tables on either side of my eggplant colored couch. 
And at that point I said these words out the loud: Damn, I wish my pump had The Clapper!
Not "the clap," that's something entirely different! No, I'm talking about The Clapper
I know you guys remember the old commercial from the 90’s . You know;  Clap on, clap off, clap on, clap off, THE CLAPPER! 

Then there's this updated " Clapper like" device for finding your keys
 I think something like this could would work great for insulin pumps!

Even though 9 times out of 10 I know exactly where my insulin pump is,  every once in a while it gives me the slip  - And something like the above could really help! 

Seriously folks, am I crazy for thinking that some sort insulin pump/ glucose meter, Clapper device/option on a diabetes device would be a good thing? 

Anyway, I looked allover the place for a good ten minutes (and I might have been humming the The Clapper jingle) and I even checked the kitchen trashcan... just in case, even thought I KNEW it wasn't in there. 

Then I walked by the full length mirror in my bedroom I notice that my bathrobe pocket was a little lumpy.
So I put my hand in my robe pocket and pulled out my  pump. And it was at that moment I remember that I’d put it in there so I WOULD know where it was.

Have you ever inadvertently misplaced your pump, testing supplies and or needles/ insulin - Or maybe you thought you put your pump/meter/insulin in one place, but ended up really putting them in another?  
Where's the weirdest place you've found any of your miss-placed diabetes devices? 


Johanna B said...

I am always losing my lancet device.

Jenn said...

My weirdest place was when I found my dexcom next to the cat's litter box, after 20 minutes of searching. I could just picture it going off while a cat was 'busy'. That would have been funny! Messy... yes, but very funny.

Jenn said...

The weirdest place I ever found my dexcom was next to the cat's litter box. I could just picture it going off while one of the cat's was 'busy'. It would have been hilarious. Messy.. yes, but danged funny too.

Anonymous said...

No, thinking of this doesn't make you crazy......fitting "the clap" into your blog post makes you crazy, and also makes for a great blog.


Jenn said...

OK.. it looks like my comment yesterday DID go when the computer said it didn't. Oh well. Either way today would have been perfect for the clapper. My Dexcom decided that my sock drawer was a lot cozier than my pocket. Ok, so maybe I set him down and got distracted and then freaked.. but still!

Marie Smith said...

I am always losing my Dexcom. It drives me crazy. The weirdest place I have found it was in the medicine cabinet. I have thought the same thing, that having a paging device would be useful. I page my iPod almost every day.

Amanda said...

I love the idea of keeping filled resorvoires in the fridge! My daughter is always leaving her meter/remote at school friends house, or wherever! The other day we got 1/2 way home from Soccer practice and her coach called to say she'd left it there. Also, I've dropped her poker when trying to check her BG at night and it gets lost under her bed or something, that really sucks!

Scott E said...

I misplace my meter all.the.time. (a black meter case is easily camoflauged against a black office chair, black car upholstery, etc). I rarely misplace the pump, as I don't disconnect the old reservoir until I'm ready to lock & load the new one, but I do remember this one time when nearly lost my pump as well as my mind. I forget the specifics, but I think it involved some sequence of showering and a baby crying.