Thursday, December 13, 2012

Today's Giveaway: 3 CVS Grab Bags Up For Grabs

This contest is now closed & Congrats to @matthew Deets, @ Charity Brenke & Laura - YOU WON!!
Please email me ( so your grab bags can be shipped & CONGRATS!!!

Today's giveaway's courtesy of CVS Pharmacy and 3 lucky people will get to win a CVS grab bag of all types of CVS Extracare Advantage for Diabetes program (ECAD) grab bag!
The grab bag/ box contains CVS products including: a needle collection disposal container(which I was in desperate need of), a CVS meter/strips toothpaste/ brushes, Eucerin (I have really dry skin,) cough medicine, cough drops, diabetic socks(which actually are very nice), glucose tabs, and a few other goodies. 
CVS has been working closely with the American Diabetes Association  and is donating $1 to the ADA for every pic uploaded to ADA's facebook page until March 1, 2013! 
You can read more about that, HERE. 

CVS grab bag goodies close up
CVS grab bag of goodies - camera panned back
HOW TO WIN: Leave a comment as to why you'd like to win and what diabetes/ life supplies you're constantly running to CVS for. Also, tweeting and retweets also count & doing both doubles your fun.

WHO CAN WIN: Anyone who loves someone with diabetes or anyone who loves someone with a busted pancreas.

CHANGE TO THE RULES: Since this post went up late due to technical difficulties, you can post until midnight & the winners will be announced first thing tomorrow on my facebook page & tomorrow's blog post.


Back in November the folks from CVS contacted me about their Extra Care Advantage for Diabetes program.
ECAD is free (always a plus in my book,) and works by providing its members with 4% cash back on over 100 different diabetes related items in conjunction with your CVS card and received quarterly in the form of CVS Bucks - So there's that. 
ECAD also helps with RX management services, gives it's members special weekly deals and promos, newsletters, videos, etc. 

Full Disclosure: CVS sent me the above grab bag - and I can't tell you how much appreciated it!
WHY? Because the grab bag came at great time for me, 
 My town had been visited by Sandy a week earlier. 

And my CVS ( on the other side of the river/street) was under water.

My CVS had to be gutted - And I had go miles to get basics like toothpaste and milk.
But more importantly, I was worried about getting my prescriptions filled & I thought I was going to have to go to a CVS 10 miles inland.

But in less than week, CVS had set up an RX trailer in their parking lot - less than a mile from my house.
It's open until 10 pm, 7 nights a week, and the CVS pharmacists are working hard to fill
everyone in my town's prescriptions -
You have no idea how much we all appreciate that and what peace of mind it's given to me personally! 


Penny said...

I heart our CVS. They help with G's scripts and have become friends. And I constantly am there for scripts, not even glucose tabs beat the number of visits I have to refill everything.
Great giveaway, Kel!

laura said...

I'd like to win because what could be better than a pharmacy themed grab bag? (maybe chocolate.) I go to the pharm most often for glucose tabs and to replace broken lancing devices.

vivaciousgold said... Tweeted

Rachel Thursby said...

Tristan and I would love to win this great bag!! We use everything that is listed in there. We are always hitting the pharmacy for glucose tabs, IV prep and Unisolve! :)

Ashley Rose said...

I am always, ALWAYS buying out my CVS's stock of Eucerin when it's on sale. To the point where the pharmacists know exactly what I'm after when they see me walk in. Spectacular to know they pay attention to the poor state of my skin lol.

Unknown said...

I've just recently switched to my local CVS. Their staff is much friendlier than WalMart's for us. Would love to have a grab bag! :)

Jenn said...

Confession.. I love going into CVS pharmacies. Maybe it is the orderliness of them.. I don't know. But I DO know that every time I go into one I walk out with something to add to my D stash, ususally a lotion (my hands dry REALLY bad in the winter.. and summer) and alcohol wipes.

Rachel said...

I'm thankful to have a CVS so close to work, I had a sudden need for ketone strips and that's where I went. I'd love to win this for all of the goodies in it, but I could really use a needle disposal container.

P Fairchild said...

we love CVS! When we travel to our favorite vacation spot each summer, the first thing we did upon our first trip there was locate a CVS - because we know that if we have any medication needs while traveling as a Type 1 diabetes family, CVS will be able to take care of our needs. Lo and behold, on day 2 of last vacation, my doctor called and needed to change the antibiotic I'd started just before heading to the beach, due to results of lab work for pneumonia calling for a different spectrum antibiotic. CVS transferred the script and I had my new meds in no time. They also always have tons of other cool stuff to buy that we almost always seem to have forgot to pack! We found a CVS within 1 mile of the resort, and even if the resort wasn't super awesome, we'd stay there anyway due to the convenience of CVS basically right next door. I never worry about running out of any of our D supplies or stuff for our D grab bag with a CVS right there. <3

Jane Roguski said...

We would love to win this bag please. We don't have a CVS but would love to have the grab bag to try some out..

Meri said...

Would love it! I am always at CVS for all the odd things that you need in the middle of the night! Usually meds of some kind. Love the pharmacy trailer!

Unknown said...

I sure would love to win, a little extra stuff would be great around the holidays!

Unknown said...

Who couldn't use extra stuff around the holidays!

HVS said...

I love is my FAVORITE store. I have entertained the idea of naming a future child with those initials.(should we have another) I get everything there-RX's included!

Jen said...

My son is diabetic and I would love for him to win this! he was just diagnosed a year ago so we still need lots of things for our diabetes stash! He doesn't have a Sharps container, his skin is so dry we have been experimenting with finding good lotions also! We could definitely use everything in this grab bag. :)

Unknown said...

What a great give away! We are always running to the pharmacy for lancets, ketone strips, glucose tabs, lancing devices and so much more! I<3 someone with a busted pancreas T1D.

Aliza Chana said...

CVS was the only pharmacy open when I was diagnosed with diabetes and sent home from the ER late on a Sat. Night, in need of a pharmacy to fill my new Rx for insulin and syringes. This giveaway is great.... Like all of your others Kel!!

Aliza Chana said...

CVS was the only pharmacy open when I was diagnosed with diabetes and sent home from the ER late on a Sat. Night, in need of a pharmacy to fill my new Rx for insulin and syringes. This giveaway is great.... Like all of your others Kel!!

Matthew Deets said...

I'd love to win a CVS grab bag! We don't have CVS stores where I am in the NW, but I've ordered from them online before when CVS was the only place the FastClix could be found. :)

Pam Osborne said...

I'd pass many of these things along to Santa for some uniquely D-Style stocking stuffers!

Unknown said...

I would love to win this gift bag to give to my brother who no longer has insurance and he is always needing my help to purchase his supplies. Sometimes I have enough "extras" of my daughter's that I'm able to pass on to him. This would be a wonderful Christmas or anytime gift for him. He also has severe neuropathy which affects his family life, and raising his daughter.
This is a great giveaway for anyone whose life is touched by diabetes! Thanks for the opportunity, Kelly!

Cheryl said...

We'd like to win because its from you and you are the Queen of Awesomsauce of course! :-)
<3 you!

Suzanne Trobiano said...

We would love to win the CVS grab bag! Lots of useful D supplies! We love our local CVS! The pharmacists are wonderful, very helpful getting all of our monthly supplies.

Emily said...

I would like to win and try out some new stuff I see in the grab bag. We are always going to CVS to stock up on prescriptions or new meters.

lisa freeman said...

Would love to win CVS grab bag. seems like we're at the pharmacy at least once a week picking up some sort of diabetic supplies. We spend over $1000 dollars a year on supplies and prescriptions.