Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dear Blood Sugar of 240: You Are But Fleeting And Temporary - And I Am Permanently Fabulous~

Dearest Blood sugar of 240: 
It was most likely the 2 teaspoons nutulla; the single serving of non-fat Greek yogurt with a quarter cup of freshly sliced strawberries, plus two cups of coffee combined with a guesstimated breakfast bolus for all of the above this morning that brought you my way. 
Coffee always makes me/you spike and I have no doubt that my nutella portions were more than generous. 
But I wouldn’t have changed this morning’s coffee, breakfast and nutella love for anything.  I was hungry, I bolused and I ate.  
Was I off my carb mark?? Magic 8 Ball says ‘MOST LIKELY,’ but that’s OK. Shit happens. 

See.... the Magic 8 Ball (courtesy of http://www.ask8ball.netreally did say "Most Likely," even if it did cut off my two question marks and the end of my question~
I can (and will) bring you down - I have the tools and the technology and  I refuse to let you get the best of me. 

I refuse to let you be the blight on an other wise stellar and productive morning.....  And I refuse to let you get the best of me.
I could sit here at my computer and curse you out - And I could get mad and angry and focus on your bitchfit, instead of focusing on what I need to accomplish today. 
Not that I'm against bitching or pouting, or flipping my bitchswitch - because Lord knows I’m not!
But today I have deadlines to meet and I I refuse to make the day revolve around you. 
Because not all the days and moments in my life can’t always revolve around you - even though it seems like that sometimes.

Here’s the thing: You are but fleeting and temporary  - And I am permanently fabulous. You can bank on that fact. 
So even if it takes a while because you decide to be bitchy - That’s OK, I can be a royal and first class bitch, too - also a fact. 
And and here's one more fact, #Iwillwin. 


Bruce in the mountains said...

Had that Saturday, changed site after breakfast, lunchtime was 160, bolused for that and my 42 gm. lunch. 1 1/2 hr later 385???!!?? Stopped at the house and penned 7u. That afternoon things fell back into place, didn't have to change $ite & still working today, 3 1/4 days later. Yay!

landileigh said...

You are MOST CERTAINLY fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Nice one K2!

Jason in Orlando.