Thursday, April 4, 2013

Insulin Pump/Infusion Site Placement, Spanx & And A Pretty Dress  = All Types of interesting

Tomorrow night I get  to see my niece Cristin perform at Lincoln Center (I'm beyond proud & excited,) and I can’t wait to see her shine!

It’s somewhat dressy and I’m excited that I get to wear my pretty teal wrap dress, some sparkly jewelry and my new Corso Como pumps that are like walking on pillows made of butter and fluffy clouds!

I’ve made peace with the fact that I won’t be able to carry a sparkly little handbag because it won’t fit all my diabetes acquotramonts including; meter, test strips, glucose tabs and spare infusion sets, plus none diabetes essentials like: lipstick & makeup bag, camera, hairbrush, money, phone, etc. 

And I’m not thrilled that I have to wear Spanx (actually, they are Spanx Assets, manufactured by Spanxs and sold at Target, and they are just as good in my book,) but a lady does what she must to look all types of smooth & sheik. 

But there’s the whole 'wear do I place my insulin pump" thing. 
I have the pump garter I made and will be wearing it on my leg and I'm OK with that -  but it’s the actual infusion set placement that’s troubling me. 

I’m going to have to place the infusion set high up on my abdomen because as you can see from the Assets picture, that’s where it’s going to HAVE to go! 
The Assets are an abdomen/stocking combo and the abdomen part is high up.
The tubing will have to run down the front and over the stockings instead of under, so it can connect to the pump nestled snuggly on my upper thigh and in my pump garter. 

And I can't wear the pump tucked into my bra because honestly, it would look like I had 3 boobs. 

Infusion set up high and in the front of my belly - Will it work? 
I’ve never worn an infusion set that high up before and I’m afraid I’ll have issues. 
And that’s the last thing I want to be dealing with tomorrow night! 

So ladies of DOC, any advice about wearing infusion sets that high up? 
Have you done & was it successful? 
And if not, what was your plan B? 


abby said...

you can't wear it under the spanx? and tuck the pump into the inner thigh of the spanx? just an idea :)

k2 said...

Abby - If it ws just the spanxy thingy I could - But the spanxy thing is actually attached to stockings - so I can't.

Unknown said...

Just make sure you're not near the ribs and you will be fine. I've used upper abdomen a number of times and it's great. Find where the edge of the rib cage is, and go in slightly from there.

Unknown said...

We just dealt with this issue at Easter :( $60 later and we had spanx ..just the undergarment..and thigh high stockings. Not ideal....AT ALL.. but it was an improvisation that worked. It came after my TEEN t1d had a mental meltdown about where to wear the pump.. where to tuck the tubing... and the third boob comment was heard a time or ten from the fitting room. I hope you devise a suitable plan.. pls do share any pump placement/site placement epiphanies with us.. any female t1d or D Mom is going to need to know lol. Good luck and congrats to your niece.

Lynnette said...

Does your pump have a remote? If it were me, I'd just put a set into the usual spot and have set, tubing, and pump all in my Spanx, and use the remote. If not: my experience on higher-up sites is that if there's rib cage behind it, it hurts to lie on it at night. Just warning you, if that becomes your only option. Wishing you the very best results!

Kelly said...

I assume you are gonna choose your upper abdominal area because you dont have lower "back fat" like me? How about "saddle bags"???? I use my "saddle bags" when I plan to wear a dress like you explain. I too have my own homemade thigh, I feel your pain!

Good luck finding just the right sweet spot to wear your pump site! I hope you have a great night enjoying the performance without a Diabetes care in the world!

Sara said...

I suppose a small slit cut in the Spanx would defeat its purpose huh? ;)

Scully said...

I know you already ruled out the boobs as per your discussion with Alanna on FB yesterday :). But how about the infusion site on the lower boob part? the "under boob" I suppose.