Thursday, May 30, 2013

Vlog Post: Dr. Electrode - STOP JUDGING ME

I'm not a perfect person and I'm not a perfect person living with diabetes - But that doesn't mean you have the right to judge me or make me feel guilty because I have Diabetes..

So I tried to vlog about Dr. Electrode and being judged last week - And for some ungodly reason what should have taken 15 minutes with iMovie took 2+ hours (1:50 with apple support,) and the damn videos still wouldn't synch up!

But after reading Melissa Baland Lee's beautiful and truthful post about the word COMPLICATION over at (READ IT,)I was inspired to attempt this vlog post again in PhotoBooth. 

The vlog post is far from perfect (there might be some rambling) and I am by no means the perrfect diabetes patient or video editor for that matter, but it's how I feel!


Scott E said...

Thank you for this. I enjoyed watching it...the whole 14 or so minutes worth (even though it's tough to refer back for the sake of comments).

I think doctors who don't specialize in diabetes know that an A1C should be below a certain number, but don't know what it means to achieve that, so they just go with the "rule". I had a minor (outpatient) surgical procedure a couple of months ago, and after it was over, we were engaged in some small-talk... I talk a lot about diabetes and, I guess, I come across as somewhat knowledgeable. He stated, matter-of-factly "you keep your A1Cs below 7, right?". My verbal response (which was true) is that I hover around that line, sometimes above, sometimes below. But what I THOUGHT was 'If it's so important and you know so much about it, shouldn't you have asked me BEFORE you gave me the anesthetic and went to work with the scalpel?'

Some doctors are afraid to admit what they don't know, so they recall one isolated tidbit from their textbooks and harp on that.

But enough about me. I love the way you tell this story -- it comes across with a passion and a genuine emotion that just doesn't quite work the same in written words.

Laddie said...

Kelly - your vlog should be required watching for every medical professional who cares for people with or without diabetes. It was powerful and moving (and edited and filmed expertly!). Thanks you.

Colleen said...

Can you send this to Dr. Electrode?
Nicely done.

PancreasticMom said...

Nice job...hey, I'm IMPRESSED with your vlogging skills:) And great message as well. Hoping your hands/wrists heal well and as quickly as possible.

PancreasticMom said...

Nice job....hey, I'm IMPRESSED with your vlogging skills:) And a great message as well. Hoping your hands/wrists heal well and as quickly as possible:)

Anonymous said...

God bless you. I'm going thru similar issues, & you are an incredible encouragement! Thank you so much praying for your healing

Dolores said...

I am a T1 mom ... and I have heard similar lectures and attitude ... one time receiving attitude from a overweight middle-aged man ... and all I wanted to say was "Shut up you big fat cow! Once you leave your life perfectly ... eating only healthy foods and exercising daily ... with no breaks or slip ups ... then and only then can you judge us!"

Vicki said...

Thank you for this post, Kelly. You voiced exactly how I feel when I see a healthcare professional that's not my endo. That judgement of "oh...your a1c's above 7%...that's not good enough, what are you doing wrong?" It's not fair. Diabetes comes with enough "self-guilt" (if that makes sense?!) without being made to feel guilty by others. I'm so glad to read you don't have neuropathy! Hope your hands/wrists heal soon!

Stupid Girl and the Train Wreck said...

I had my first diabetes scare the other day. Just about everyone on my mothers side of the family has diabetes so I know its only a matter of when. I woke up all tired and feeling crappy, dizzy and kind of tingly. I nearly fainted walking across the Kroger parking lot while in pursuit of food that was supposed to help regulate blood sugar. I stuffed myself with it and have felt better since.

Dr's and there know it all attitudes really scare me. I have Multi Chemical Sensitivity and once went through a terrible experience with a brand new house and the formaldehyde it was off gassing. More than 1 doctor accused me of lying and/or making myself sick on purpose because they didn't understand what was causing my symptoms. Oddly enough it was a family psychiatrist who helped me find a doctor who had the answer when all there accusations made so so depressed I had to seek help for that as well.