Thursday, June 20, 2013

What Is This Thing "THEY" Call: Packing Light?

What is this thing "they" call: Packing light? But seriously though, I don't get it - And I can't do it. 

For the record: I ’m not a light packer when it comes to traveling, partly because of genetics, but primarily because of my type 1 diabetes... Which now that I'm thinking about my family history - My packing issues are really ALL genetic, but you know what I mean! 

As the daughter of a Tailor/ Salesman and Professional Ice Skater - I love clothes - I appreciate a good cut and a fabric that drapes well~ 
As a person living with Type 1 Diabetes, those clothes have to accommodate my insulin pump. 
Also appreciated, but have yet to find?  A REALLY GOOD detergent that gets blood spots out of clothes due to blood sugar testing and or infusion set snags - Even when the blood's been sitting for a bit because someone didn't notice the blood spot until an hour (or 10) after it occurred.

Because I am mother’s daughter, I have a thing for shoes & sparkles. 
Because I have Type 1 Diabetes, I travel with more shoes than most, because my feet are REALLY sensitive - like Princess & The Pea sensitive. I’m always switching my shoes out  - Especially when hanging out at a convention center for 5 to 8 hour stretches.
And  while I’ve been told I have pretty feet, the high arches inherited from both parents add to their Princess & The Pea status.
Also, diabetes or not, I have this thing about not letting my feet actually touch hotel floors - regardless of the hotel I’m staying in. So I end up packing (and going through) a REDONKULOUS amount of socks with me, so while I’m putzing around room and getting ready, my feets never touch the floor, while still having enough clean pairs to wear with my sneaks while doing laps around the airport/ city/convention center.  

My dad was sort of OCD, so I think I kind of get that from him - But in the dark recesses of my mind, I’m sure diabetes also comes into play! - As do the J & J blister band-aids tucked in my suitcase & day bag. 

As far as the sparkle - My sparkle usually is mixed with the Diabetes alert bling. 

As a person living with diabetes, having my diabetes supplies in my carry-on is a must .
But as a person living with type 1 Diabetes, I've gotten in the habit of keeping an 8 X10 ziplock bag jammed with pump supplies & two extra containers of unopened test strips and lancets in the mesh part of my luggage lid ...... Just   in case

I usually end up using all the pump supplies in the ziplock bag, which leaves me  more room in my luggage for my dirty socks and skivvies on the way home. 

Also, I double the supply of my oral meds for my trips - Because you never know what’s going on at the airport.

Then there’s the box of Granola bars and the tubes of glucose tabs - All diabetes related - and divided up into my carry-on/ handbag & suitcase.

And what about the he Lindt 70% percent Dark Chocolate Bar in my handbag?  well, that's all my mother’s fault. 
Marjory always had a little chocolate on her when she traveled - I’m just keeping the tradition alive. 

So yeah, I need a much bigger suitcase then the purple mediumlarge one I'm currently packing to the gills for ADA! 
I guess I'll deal with that when I get home! 


Cara said...

I don't know how anyone expects a T1 diabetic with a shoe fetish to pack light. I'm in the same boat. LOL

Scott E said...

I understand completely (well, most of it anyway). My wife always makes fun of me because my suitcase is always bigger and heavier than hers. There's a stereotype that women pack more than men, and I'm supposed to follow it. I've debunked that theory.

Unknown said...

I think if you soak the blood stained clothes in cold cold water for ~24 hrs, you should be able to rub the stain after and it will come out :)

on another note, I had a 8 day vaca in Mexico recently, and didn't check a bag (whoa). i don't pump, but stuff adds up. most was in my purse with extras tucked away here and there. thanks to my husband for sticking test strip vials inside shoes (ew?)