Tuesday, October 8, 2013

People From New Jersey & People With Diabetes - More Alike Than You Think~

"NJ, our Garden State, an immense barrel, filled with good things to eat and open at both ends, with Pennsylvanians grabbing from one end and New Yorkers from the other.”
 Abraham Browning 

I'm from New Jersey - And damn proud of it!
Greetings From The Real Jersey Shore~

So yeah, I’m from New Jersey - South Jersey to be exact - Yep, born and raised on the southern beaches of NJ. 
And no matter where I live on this earth,  I will always be Jersey proud and Jersey strong. 

When I tell people I’m  from NJ , they usually say one, several or all of the following: 

1. But you don’t sound like you’re from NJ - 
Me: This is what People from South and parts of central NJ sound like
2. Like the Jersey Shore, NJ?? 
Me: NO, not like the folks from that Gawd awful show! 
For the record, none of the people on that show were actually from NJ, they were from Long Island. 
But I have a feeling that my friends in Long Island were none to proud of their behavior either. Their behavior was cartoon stereotype, not stereotypical NJ or Long Island for that matter. Also: Don’t assume and don't believe in stereotypes.
3. New Jersey, like The Real Housewives of New Jersey  or The Sopranos?
Me: NO - Look we have our share of both demographics - As does every state. But come on  - give me break - We’re better than stereotypical demographics.  Ohbytheway - Did I mention my niece was on The Sapranos

4. But your hair’s not big.
Me: Yeah, well you didn’t see me in High School - or in college when my hair was flowing down my back and wavygravy long thanks to genetics, hairspray & a perfectly functioning thyroid back in the day

5. But you enunciate your words. 
Me: Yes of course I do - I’m from New Jersey not Mars, nor do I have a speech impediment that prevents me from doing so. 

Bottom line: Being a new Jersey native means that you are tough; resilient, kind, funny, empathetic, say what you mean and mean what you say. and being from Jersey means you don't give up.  

New Jersey folk are tough because we have to be. 
Why? Because people are always “assuming” all types of things about you when you mention your from the Garden State. People automatically assume you’re crass, uneducated and have never seen greenery  - HELLO, I live in the Garden State - And there's a reason it's called that. So travel it, see the Pine Barrens, the beaches and abundant farms & then get back to me before you say that Jersey is only chemical factories.  

And we're tough because we are Jan Brady to New York, Philadelphia & DC’s Marcia Brady’s in triplicate, but we hold our own just fine. 
Being The Jan Brady of the North Eastern states  makes you quick witted when needed. 

New Jerseyans for the most part are incredibly kind - except when you give them shit unnecessarily, cross them or the people they love - Then they throw your shit right back in your face.
People from Jersey are resilient and "stronger than the storm.” We keep taking hits be it from Mother Nature, the economy & late night TV hosts, but we get get back up and hold our ground - Because that's our only choice - And we prefer getting back up to being knocked up and down for the count..

People from Jersey have empathy - boatloads of it - Because being from Jersey makes  empathetic - Being from Jersey makes you relate and lookout for the misfits and root for the underdog. 

Being from Jersey means  you never give up - EVER. We were raised that way - it’s in our DNA, even if you’re one generation into the Jersey way, you totally know where I'm coming from. 

Here’s the thing: When I describe character traits of people from New Jersey, I could just as easy be describing character traits of people with Diabetes. Seriously, if diabetes was an actual state in the union, instead of a pancreas or a person's metabolism being in a busted state, that state would be NJ - And PWDs would be its inhabitants. 

People with diabetes are tough and resilient because we have no other choice but to be.  
We must pick ourselves up  by our diabetes bootstraps and forge ahead - even when it’s the last thing we feel like doing. 

People with diabetes are continually busting diabetes stereotypes that the media puts out there every single day while educating others in the process. - And with an attitude the size of NJ when needed!

People with diabetes have a twisted sense of humor and laugh at things that would make others cry. 

People with diabetes have boatloads of empathy for others because diabetes has cultivated our empathy - And we protect our own. 
So yeah,  the next time you make fun of someone being from New Jersey   - Think about this post and all that PWDs and NewJerseyans have in common - Because it looks like people with Diabetes have a little New Jersey in them after all!



Scott E said...

There is one fundamental difference: I would give up diabetes in a heartbeat. But I would never, EVER give up on New Jersey!

Thanks for adding to the awesomeness that is our state.

Cara said...

I love this post! :)

HVS said...

Own it! I am proud of where I come from as well, & it is nothing to be ashamed of. I know so many great NJ peeps that I'm glad to call "friends!"