Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Medivizor & AmazonSmile: 2 Companies Supporting 2 Diabetes Non Profits During The Holidays

So as the holidays approach (can you believe that Thanksgiving is in two days?!) and I’m so thankful for the Diabetes Online Community and the people in it.

Thanks to the DOC and organizations like Diabetes Hands Foundation & Insulindependence & I’m becoming a better version of myself as a PWD and as a person general. 

In the past 24 hours I’ve been informed of two ways, two different companies are helping to support the above mentioned diabetes orgs during the holidays

 Medivizor.com will donate 1$ to The Diabetes Hands Foundation for every new sign up  they get from a person with diabetes, now through New Years Day, 2014.  

I think it’s a really positive way to give back to a diabetes organization that does so much for so many living with diabetes. 
I love the Diabetes Hands Foundation and really like Medivizor and I've written about them in the past. 

I like that Medivizor keeps all the latest diabetes articles in studies in one place - And out of my overflowing inbox. 
I like that signing up for Medivizor is free - And you bet I like to see a health related company give back to the very patients that they say they’re trying to help. 

Next: The Holiday season means many of us will be buying gifts online, including me. 
Except this year I’ll be making a lot of my purchases on Amazonsmile where 0.05 percent of my purchases (and yours too if you sign-up,) will go to Insulindependence

I LOVE the folks at Insulindependence and I learned so freaking much about diabetes and exercise when I attended their Philly event last weekend - And I had a great time!
Diabetes and exercise can be a tricky blood sugar dance, regardless of whether your athletic abilities are hardcore or weekend warrior.
And I love that even though I’m not the greatest athlete in the world Insulindependence inspires me & helps me get my diabetes game on - And the people are awesome!

Little donations make huge waves  & Bravo to AmazonSmile for supporting patient non-profits!
Here’s the Amazonsmile order/ donation breakdown by the numbers: 

5% of 25.00   =  1.25
5% of 50.00   = 2.50
5% of 75.00  = 3.75
5% of 100.00 = 5.00
5% of 125.00 = 6.25
5% of 150.00 = 7.50
5% of 175.00 = 8.75
5% of 200.00 =    10.00

And so on. I’m stopping at $200 because: 
A. I'm on a budget
B. Math tends to hurt my head after a while. 

More companies helping more diabetes orgs to follow - I plan on posting about this subject weekly during the holiday season~ 

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