Friday, December 6, 2013

This Week's Diabetesalicious Giveaway Winners & An Honest To Goodness Diabetes Hero

Time to announce the winners for this week's Diabetesalicious giveaways!
The Winner of the Tuesday's Kind Bar Cube giveaway is Wendy Rose and the winner of Thursday's DiabetesSisters Grab Bags giveaway is Jessi Panke!
Congrats, ladies - Please email me your mailing addresses so your prizes can be shipped out
And to all those who entered, thanks for your amazing comments! 
Next week offers a whole new slew of goodies so keep entering because you never know, just might pick your comment/tweet/facebook post as the winning entry!  

Next, for something (SOMEONE) really important: 
It's time to focus on an amazing Diabetes Hero among us.
Living with diabetes isn't always a cake walk (pun totally intended, but true none the less,) living with D is hard work & it's never ending. 
But imagine being diagnosed 68 years ago in the Diabetes Dark Ages, when urine was tested instead of blood, the diabetes diet was restrictive to put it mildly, needles had to be boiled and sharpened and insulin came directly from cows and pigs pancreases. 

Diabetes Blogger & Joslin 50 Year Medal winner Richard Vaughn,(who I'm proud and privileged to call my friend,) and author of the autobiography "Beating the Odds:64 Years of Diabetes Health," knows all about those days first hand and was featured on Sanofi Diabetes website this week.
Richard not only survived the Diabetes Dark Ages- he plowed through them and thrived. 
I think one of the things that's so amazing about Richard was/is his ability to move forward and embrace not only the changes that technology brought to diabetes management, but the diabetes online support in the form of the DOC that technology brought to the diabetes table as well. And then of course there's Richard's  positive attitude - I have to mention that!
Richard always has a kind word and good advice for every single person he comes across in the Diabetes Online Community, be it online or in real life and that is a wonderful thing, indded. Richard is a great man and he's one of my favorite Diabetes Heroes. 
Do yourself a favor and read Richard's interview over at DiscussDiabetes you'll be so glad you did! 
Diabetes Hero and friend Richard Vaughn and I
at the 2013 Children With Diabetes Friends For Life Conference in Orlando


Richard's Rambling Review said...

Thanks so very much, Kelly. I am glad we met at the FFL this year, but the picture is kinda darkish. Maybe you will be in Orlando in 2015 when my wife and I plan to attend. We can try the picture again with a flash camera. lol

I really appreciate this blog and I sorta blush when someone calls me a hero, but you can call me that any time you want!

k2 said...

Richard -
When I get home from work, I'm going to put the picture through an instragram filter, lighten it up & post a comparison shot!
But yes, we will take another pic in 2015 - CANT WAIT.
And yes my friend, you are a hero - no doubt about it!

Unknown said...


Thanks K2!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!