Thursday, December 5, 2013

Today's Giveaway Is For The DiabetesSisters In The DOC~

Today's giveaway is donated by the fantastical DiabetesSisters.Org and is for all the 
amazing DiabetesSisters in the DOC~ 
DiabetesSisters is an amazing organization for women with diabetes, from women with diabetes offering support, education & empowerment for all women living the diabetes life across the U.S. 

Speaking of support, DiabetesSisters PODS (Part of DiabetesSisters) monthly support meetings are happening in the next few days in: 
Buffalo, NY, on December 7th
Princeton, NJ on December 9th
Ordell, NJ on December 10th.  
To learn more about PODs Support meetings, including locations click HERE 
Diabetes Sisters Giveaway Swag
Today's awesome DiabetesSisters prize includes: 
1 DiabetesSisters Laptop Tote
Two kitchen windowsill forget-me-not flower pots
3 Diabetes Sisters Luggage tags
Valued: $50 
How you can win: Leave a comment saying why support systems are so important 
when it comes to living with diabetes.
Big thanks and special shootouts to 2 outstanding DiabetesSisters: 
 Brandy Barnes, an amazing t1 Diabetes Advocate who founded Diabetes Sisters in 2008.  
And fantastical DiabetesSister, Anna Norton. 
T1,DiabetesSisters Operations Manager & Diabetes Advocate. 
**To enter the giveaway, you absolutely must have diabetes (doesn't matter the type,) or be a caretaker/loved one of a person with diabetes.
***The winner of today's giveaway and Monday's giveaway will be announced tomorrow.  


Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

If it weren't for people like KK and all the other wonder women of the DOC I would be lost in fear and loneliness instead of wrapped in kinship and support. Hope the Sisters can come to Houston someday!

Lindsay said...

Support systems are SO important because they make you feel like you're not alone. My first year with diabetes, I was a freshman in college surrounded by young, healthy people. I felt broken and alone, but eventually I spied a few insulin pumps and glucose meteres around campus, leading to conversations and friendships.

Knowing someone else understands what you are going through is so important for avoiding depression and diabetes burnout and helps keep you accountable.

Aliza Chana said...

I would be nowhere (or at least not anywhere good!) with my diabetes management without the support of the DOC, groups like DiabetesSisters, and other wonderful organizations that connect people with d to one another. To me, support is an essential management tool, just like insulin and checking bg!

BBird said...

My T1d was found in the "grace" period while my blood sugars were high, but my pancreas hadn't completely rolled over and given up. There was almost of year of anticipating the major life change that was to come with dependance on exogenous insulin. The DOC provided me with an almost overwhelming amount of information about all the weird little things that I might not have anticipated, as well as many living breathing people behind the information which somehow made me feel like I had a bunch of new friends, even though I was just a lurker at the time. It made everything less overwhelming and the transition seemed really easy when it came, like I had already been doing it for years, because in a way, via the DOC I had been.

Jenn said...

Support systems are the backbone of society. Since finding the DOC, I have been doing better with my D management just by knowing that my experiences are "weird". I've not yet been able to attend a DiabetesSisters event, but it is on my wish list.

Michelle H. said...

It's so great to have a support system, because as nice as it is to have friends who care, nobody gets it except another diabetic. I'm lucky enough to have my sister, who has diabetes too... It makes it so much easier when I need to vent, because she completely understands! She's there for me, and I'm there for her!

Nicté said...

I don't think you really understand the importance of support systems when you don't have them but as soon as you realize all they can do for you, you grow stronger to facing diabetes.
For the longest of time I didn't share anything about my diabetes and was growing more and more depressed but when I finally opened up to admiting I needed other people to help and keep me strong, things got so much better.
Finding the DOC was one of the most important tools to managing and understanding my diabetes and I couldn't be happier to have stumbled upon blogs like yours, KK.

Thank you so much for all you do. You've helped me get through rough time and I hope one day we do get to meet so I can thank you in person for being one the backbones of MY support system

Minnesota Nice said...

i consider the DOC my one, true family.

Unknown said...

Wow, why is support so important? Before I found the DOC I was beginning to spiral down a dark hole. I had taken my diabetes seriously but at that time I started to feel lost, burnt out and hopeless. Since there is no one else in my life that could relate I felt like maybe I was taking the disease too seriously and blowing it out of proportion. But I was scared what would happen some day if I didn't take it seriously. Then I discovered the DOC and it changed my life. reading stories of what other were going through I discovered that I'm not alone, not at all. Support is important for a persons emotional and mental well being which I believe has a direct effect on a persons physical well being because that in turn can have an effect on how a person will take care of and maintain their health.

Unknown said...

I think support systems are so important because not only do you get emotional support, you learn a lot too. I was so glad to find the DOC and have learned so much more because I knew no one else that had a CWD. Now I don't feel so alone and I'm better equipped to help manage diabetes.