Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Misty The Wonder Pup

My friend Misty is a Wonder Pup for sure. But her Wonder Pup skills also sorta freaked me out this weekend - but in an amazing way!
My friend Misty~
This past weekend I was lucky enough to stay with good friends and unwind. 
We talked, watched movies, drank good wine, ate good food, & I had plenty of snuggle time with their dog, 
Misty The Wonder Pup. 
Misty’s a Silver lab who’s not quite 2 years old, is 90lbs of big dog fun who thinks she's tiny petite. And she loves to snuggle. 
Also & please don’t tell anyone else, I’m one of Misty’s favorite people on the planet!
Misty and I are such good buds that she actually slept in my bed every night during my visit. 

Every morning morning like clockwork, Misty would wake up me up around 6/6:30 a.m.
I’d open my bedroom door so she could go hang out with her dad before he went fishing; eat her breakfast and do her doggie business. I’d leave my door ajar and eventually Mist work her way back to my room. 

Sunday morning was different though. 
She woke up around 6 a.m. barking mad like, you know.. a dog. 
I thought it was just because she heard her dad and mom get up. 
So I opened the door and let her out, then I checked my blood sugar (which is weird because I felt fine,) and it was 100. 
I’d already dialed back my temporary basal rate to 60 percent before I went to bed because I’d woken up at 2 a.m.,  two nights in a row due to lows. 
I dialed back my new temp basal rate to 40 percent for 1.5 hours because I wanted to go back to bed without worrying and thought nothing of it. 
About a half our later Misty came back to my room and snuggled in the bed next to me. 
Then, while laying down she started furrowing her snout under the blanket edge to look for what I could only assume was my hand, which was under the covers. I put out my left hand, draped it across her nose, she gave my hand some dog kisses and then burrowed her snout under it. 
About a 20 minutes after that she stood up on the bed, she put her face close to mine and started nudging me - And I was like: Mist, leave me alone, I’m sleeping!
But she wouldn’t stop. 
So I got up, walked with her to the kitchen, gave her a couple of dog cookies so she'd shut her yap, then went back to bed. And of course because I'm one of her favorite people in the world, she followed me. 
Once again, I got under the covers, gave her my hand as she curled up next to me and went back to sleep.
20 minutes later she stood up in the bed and started barking at me.

Then Misty jumped out of the bed and kept barking, and I was all like: What the heck’s your problem, Misty? 
My friend Cathy came in my room and pretty much said the same thing and apologized profusely.
“Sorry Kel, I don’t why she’s acting like this!" 
Then she led Misty out of my room. After that, I fell right asleep.
Maybe an hour later (I’m not really sure,) I woke right up with a start. I was hungry, like the lips on my face were numb type of hungry. 
My stomach felt like I was in an elevator that was free-falling from the 20th floor to the 1st in 20 seconds flat and I was starting to sweat. 
I needed to eat, immediately. 
I got out of bed, grabbed my overnight back and polished off a granola bar and waited. 
10 minutes later I downed the last 4 Cherry Glucolift tabs and about 10 minutes later I felt better. 
My lips were no longer numb and my stomach no longer felt like it was dropping. 
20 minutes later I walked into the kitchen and poured myself a cup of coffee. 
Cathy walked in and asked if I wanted breakfast and I told her I needed my coffee first. 
Cathy: Kel, I’ve been thinking about why Misty was barking so much this morning - She never gets that wild. 
Do you think your blood sugar was low?
Me: Well..Considering I woke up with a low blood sugar 30 minutes and had to eat a granola bar & a glucose tabs, 
I wouldn’t be surprised. Also, my current blood sugar is 103.
Cathy: Are you OK?
Me: Yeah, I’m great. How about you?  
Cathy: So.. Maybe Misty has Service Dog capabilities? 
Me: Misty is a Wonder Pup - So yeah, she has super powers for sure. There’s potential there. 

Misty is certainly quite the Wonder Pup and a great friend that I'm lucky to have. 
Was she aware my blood sugar was dropping?  In my head I'm thinking that Magic Eight Ball would say: All Signs Point To Yes. 
Still It was a little weird. Weird in a good and wonderful way that I’m really grateful for, but sort of a little freak out weird none the less.


Marie Smith said...

Dogs are remarkable creatures. I don't doubt the dog was responding to your dropping BG long before you were aware, maybe even before your meter could register it. A dog can smell one drop of blood in an Olympic sized swimming pool. My now retired service dog Honey saved me from many falls by noticing when my right leg was weaker before I did. Good dog Misty. You deserve an extra treat.

WalkingTheDragon said...

It's true!!! I have 3 dogs, and they can always tell when I'm low!!

Lisa researching living with diabetes said...

That is amazing! Go Misty!