Thursday, December 19, 2013

Today's Giveaway Is All About #StripSafely

Today's diabetesalicious giveaways are in the form of 5 StripSafely lapel pins.
FYI: I have one of these awesome #StripSafely lapel pins and I wear it proudly!
HUGE thanks to the StripSafely team for not only donating today's prizes, but for leading the Diabetes Online Community test strip and meter accuracy charge straight to to the FDA's ears! 

Today's giveaway is all about test strip and glucose meter safety.
People with diabetes lives and future health depend on stripSafety~

Today's StripSafely lapel pin giveaway has a special place not just in my heart, but in every single person living with diabetes heart.
TestStrip and glucose meter accuracy is not only key to our good health, it's downright crucial - And test strip and meter accuracy is lacking - to put it mildly.
 As of today, test strip and glucose meter accuracy isn't where it needs to be and that's how the StripSafely campaign came to be.
People in the Diabetes Online Community, led by the fabulous Bennet Dunlap from rallied together to make sure the FDA (and test strip and glucose meter manufacturers,) heard our collective voices in real time, and virtually via our tweets, letters and blog posts

And while still have far to go as far as stripping safely is concerned, the StripSafely campaign is making a difference - The FDA heard us!
And we have to make sure they continue to hear us when it comes to Stripsafely.

How to win: Leave a comment saying why test strip and glucose meter accuracy are important to you. 
Tomorrow, will pick 5 winners & I will snail mail those awesome StripSafely lapel pins to them! 
Everyone entering the contest must either have diabetes (doesn't matter what type of diabetes you have, what type of pump you wear or if you take shots,) or be a caretaker/loved one of a person with diabetes.


itsbittersweet said...

I worry that we will now be forced to use some generic inaccurate store brand instead of the brands we do use and trust and that those brands will become less trustworthy as the demand will force them to compete with cheap strips. I would wear a lapel pin proudly for myself and my daughter. signed frequent tester Sandra

Matthew Deets said...

Accurate test strips are very important to me because without having accurate data about my BG's, I'm truly "flying blind" with my diabetes management.

Hallie Addington said...

When I am giving my child medicine that could possibly kill her, I need accuracy. I'm going to handle a 120 differently than a 80 at bedtime. I'm going to do different things for a 250 than a 180. Accuracy can life or death. Sounds dramatic. But it's true.

imagary said...

One of the greatest frustrations a Type1, 2 or 3 can face is the uncertainty of both food label carb counts and test meter accuracy! There are so many variables to contend with, management of diabetes often becomes an exercise much like trying to hold 100 corks underwater at the same time! By demanding better accuracy we can decrease those corks (variables) some and attain tighter control / better health and over-all well being! The only place I don't mind "stripping safely" is in the heat of the moment with my gorgeous wife! ;-)

Ian Magary

Hannah said...

Meter accuracy is important to me because it's the only tool I have to calculate my doses!

Judi said...

Strip safely is important to me because the results from my meter is the most crucial data I have for basing my pump dosing on. If it is inaccurate or inconsistent there is no way to trust the data I am given. BG meters must be held to a tighter standard, not a more relaxed one.

Sarah/@smartDpants said...

Put rather simply: without insulin, I'll die. With the wrong amount of insulin, I could die. With an inaccurate reading from an inaccurate test strip, I could get a wrong amount of insulin. Not to be a drama queen, but this is life or death. All day, every day.

Moira said...

My daughter makes what could literally be life and death decisions based on strips -- and not just her own life. Driving! She needs meters and strips she can totally trust.

Marc said...

It's important to me because it's the difference for my son (and everyone needing accurate information) to manage as best as possible and life a full, healthy life.

Sue Rericha said...

Even though I don't need to calculate insulin dosage (Type 2 diet/exercise controlled), I need to know how my body reacts to different foods, whether I'm high or low, etc. It's important for all PWD!