Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Streak of Morning High Blood Sugars - I DON"T GET IT.

Every morning since Monday I've woken up with a high blood sugar and I have no clue as to why. 
It's weird, it's annoying and honestly, I JUST DON'T GET IT.
I've switched infusion sites, done correction boluses and still, I wake up with a blood sugar in the mid to high two hundreds. 

I don't like starting my day with a high blood sugar (or a low blood sugar for that matter,) it pisses me off. 
And don't even get me started on the whole "It feels like I'm walking through JELLO because I woke up with a high blood sugar," thing.
I've been plowing through the week at gangbusters speed and I haven't let it affect my work.  
Because that's what PWDs do. We plough through the muck and shitstorm of curve balls that diabetes throws our way because we must. Sometimes we knock them out of the park, other times they stick around and taunt us from the sidelines. 
And by lunchtime my blood sugars are back to normal, and by the end of the work day my blood sugars are downright text book, but I'm left feeling zonked.
At first I thought it was just a string of bitchy blood sugars - We've all dealt with diabetes being bitchy.... but now I think it's more  - As in: Time to change my overnight basal rates. 

My questions to you guys: 

1. Can ones basal rate requirements change in the blink of an eye and out of the blue sans pregnancy or puberty?  
And YES, I totally know that basal rates change - I get that - But this just seems freaking weird.

2. Have any of you out in the D blogosphere noticed a daily and or nightly trend in either direction re: your blood sugars that seemed to come out of nowhere - And did the trend stick? 



Teresa Borders Wright said...

It seems ALL my "trends" come out of the blue with no rhyme or reason. While you've had morning highs all week, I've had morning lows since Saturday. Woke up to 67, which then became 60, which then became 250-ish. Felt like CRAP all day long. Just couldn't shake it. Makes me so mad.

I, too, are slow to adjust basal rates - mainly because the trends seem to continually change.

I'm in the fingerhood with you. :-)

StephenS said...

Kelly, I'm right there with you... going through exactly the same thing for the past two weeks. My issue is probably related to a recent basal change to keep from waking up low. Now I'm seesawing the other way.

Would it help to take note of your nighttime routine? Maybe there's something out of the ordinary that's not coming up on your radar. I realize I'm just fishing, but that sometimes works for me. Good luck with busting the morning highs!

Scott E said...

I don't know if this will solve anything, but have you tried changing vials of insulin? I find that insulin doesn't go bad gradually, it just happens all at once -- and usually it's most noticeable in the morning, because that near-gallon of 40% effective rage-insulin given in the morning tends to supplement the regularly-scheduled (40% effective) insulin throughout the day.

I know it sucks to waste insulin (how much is left in your vial anyway?), but I wouldn't be surprised if switching vials changes everything. Good luck!

Colleen said...

I feel for you. I really do. I hate, hate trying to guess/figure out WHY by BG is wonky.
Hope you find a clue!

Ryan said...

I tend to follow this line of thinking:

- If the trend doesn't change in a week, then it's not just a random pump site blockage or hormone thing.
- Most of the time for me, I'm eating too many late night complex carbs that slowly breakdown after I go to sleep.
- As you well know, sleep/stress/everything can impact this trend.
- You got this. Be patient and know it'll be all good soon!

Anonymous said...

Yes! I started having Dawn Phenomenon literally overnight! We found out from my Dexcom that between 4:00 - 4:15 a.m. I was spiking straight up to 200 for no stinking reason. We adjusted my basals during that time period and now I wake up around 86 which is perfect for me. I had tried and tried to explain to my doctor that I was spiking during the night. I would got to bed at 100 and wake up 200-300 for now reason. Prior to having Dex they kept telling me that I was eating wrong at night. It was so frustrating because I knew I was doing everything right! Thankfully once I got my Dexcom I could "prove" to them that I was doing everything right! Double fingers to Diabetes!