Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Almost Wordless Wednesday: #eatlocal & #farmfresh

For the first time in over ten years, I haven't planted my yearly summer veggie garden and I miss it. Lucky for me, I have weekly Farmer's Market that gives me my fresh fruit and veggie fix! 
Also, it's easy, delicious and on the cheap! 
I made that! 
I've been making a version of this same salad every single night since last Thursday -Thanks to my local Farmer's Market!
Salad created with organic Jersey tomatoes,onions, basil,(I almost typed basal)
locally made sea salt mozzarella cheese, topped with an EVOO, cracked pepper, sea salt & lemon dressing.
Every Thursday morning there's a Farmer's Market in my town. 
Fresh organic local fruit and produce are sold from area farms and local
vendors sell deliciousness in the form ofartisanal cheeses; honey, baked goods, BBQ  - All types of amazing stuff!
I'm trying to stay on a budget and I spend between $14 - $25 dollars a week there. 
In return I'm able to eat healthy and delicious all week while supporting my local economy in the process.
I find that I know longer waste as much food and I've tripled my daily fruit and veggie intake. That makes me feel good and my meals are less carby.... for the most part~
And it's so easy to do!   
So if you live near a Farmer's Market or stand or happen to drive by one, 
do yourself a favor and stop in, #eatlocal and #farmfresh by embracing summer fruits and veggies while you can! 

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