Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Diabetes As A Rorschach Test -

I looked down and saw some weird triple combo of a diabetes rorschach test, with some diabetes origami & "Still Life With Diabetes," portrait mixed in.... just to mess with my head - After all, we are talking about Rorschach test~ 
So I got in my car, looked down and this what I saw. 
Actually, I saw this when it was clipped to my hip, but I couldn't get a good picture of it, so I ever so gingerly placed the insulin on my knee. 
And then I was said: Wow, it's like some strange Diabetes Rorschach Test, except the ink blot's been replaced with pump tubing. 
Also: Diabetes as Origami crossed my mind as well 
Damn, if the tubing had somehow maneuvered itself into at the form of a crane, that would have been awesome! 
Sidebar: I know, I'm weird. 
Diabetes as a Rorschach Test.
Images Provoked by said image:
Mouse ears and maybe elephant ears and also some weird combo of all the PowerPuff girls heads rolled into one.
Emotions brought on by said image:
For sure I was like: W.T.F. and how long has my tubing been like this!
BUT.... I have to admit to a healthy dash of wonderment a'la "that's sorta cool, not to mention a one in a million shot," thrown in for good measure~

What do you see? 


Hughes' Hues said...

Looks like a Hidden Mickey! LOL

BBird said...

I see one of those big hot tasty pretzels... the kind I've not had since before being diagnosed.