Monday, July 28, 2014

Things I’ve been reminded of as of late - The 2014 Summer Edition

Lately I've been reminded of somethings & I thought I'd share. 
Also: I'm a weird. 
Some things I've been reminded of as of late~

The DOC always has my back - Same goes for my Endo & CDE

I am one lucky duck, indeed. 

Typing while wearing wrist braces makes for some interesting key strokes.
Thank God for the Edit, “Undo Typing,” option. 

In order to makes changes, you have to be the change - Not always easy, but necessary.

Sometimes you can bolus for pizza and actually be low 2 hours later. 
Sometimes you can bolus for a salad and be high a 2 hours later. 

I’ve recently jumped on the True Blood bandwagon, thanks to 3 months of free HBO and the magic of On-Demand.
TB is a great show, but every single time I watch an episode, I find myself thinking that PWD blood would probably be just as coveted by the Vamps as Fairy blood - Especially if said PWD was running moderate to high blood sugars after a cortisone shot
Now depending on the Vamp, this can actually be kind of a great thing.... Or it could TOTALLY SUCK. ;)
Come on now, I can't be the only one who wonders about this..... or can I?   
Also: File Under: Diabetes Brain

Summer fruit and veggies are incredibly delicious, but when it comes to tomatoes I need to pace myself because too much of a good thing equals acid mouth. 

Forcing yourself to test your blood sugar on the hand you normally never test with isn’t as hard or as cumbersome as you think it might be.

But enough about me - What have you been reminded of as of late?
And it doesn't have to be about diabetes, either. 


Laddie said...

I don't know exactly where you live in NJ but I do love all of your over-the-water sunsets. My youngest son lives in NYC and he, his wife, and young daughter are looking at NJ houses. Just made a bid for a Nutley house (Martha Stewart came from there.) Commuter communities because their jobs are in NYC. But some day I am going to meet you and until then, I am a big fan and have lots of virtual hugs to share with you.

Unknown said...

I've been reminded, especially today, that I can do this! Never in my life have I been up against such a do or die situation. I need to loose weight to be healthy. I need to not eat horrible things. I need to manage this. And even though it is hard, I feel like it's the best thing that's ever happened to me!