Friday, September 26, 2014

Love Amongst the Islets of Langerhans ~

I originally wrote this article over almost 5 years ago, (OK, WOW)  as a guest blogger for .
And for some strange reason, this post popped into my brain this morning and would't leave. So I'm posting it on my blog (with a few minor tweaks,)  and I hope you dig it~ 
I love my Endo. BIG TIME.
Not in the romantic storybook, "I want to marry him and bear all his children/live happily ever after/THE END, type of way. No matter what others in the diabetes on-line community say, I’m not that much of a psycho - OK, maybe a little bit - And he's totally charming. Honestly though, that's not the nature of our 15 year relationship.  
But I will admit, there have been moments when the "ROCKIN DR. J" has swept me off my feet!
First off, Dr. J never checks his watch when he’s with me. EVER. 
The time we spend together is just as important to him as it is to me.
As far as our communication skills as a duo, the man actually listens to what I have to say. AND he talks TO ME & WITH ME, not at me and we work together.
He’s always honest and up front with me  -and he makes me feel safe.
And whenever I have questions - And get this, he actually answers them to the best of his abilities.
Dr J never gives me the “evil eye” when my numbers go off track. Instead, we talk about why those numbers happened. And then he and I talk about how we can improve them. We learn from my diabetes mishaps and move on.
Whenever I find myself hanging from a ledge of diabetes fear and self-doubt, my Endo talks me back down and brushes my fears aside.
And my Endo actually gives me gifts. Maybe not diamonds or chocolate, but high quality swag just the same. I’m talking bottles of insulin, vials of test strips, shiny new meters, and sample packages of high quality meds that protect my heart and kidneys.
He also keeps me posted on all the latest and greatest research about diabetes.
My Endo is a crown prince among endocrinologists (not to mention me) and I thank my lucky stars that we found each other.
NEWSFLASH:  If my fabulous and wonderful Endodidn't respect me; my time, my diabetes and my issues with said diabetes, and if he didn't consider me a partner in my diabetes management, I’d leave him in a heartbeat and find me an Endo who would.
If your Endo isn’t making you feel downright enchanted- find one who will!
This isn’t a fairytale after all, it’s your life and you’re worth it!

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Bec said...

Thank you for reposting this! It's very relevant to me as I've recently changed into the adult system. My paediatric endo was like yours- amazing. But I'm struggling with my current one. Thank you for the reassurance that there is hope in the adult system :)