Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Wait, WHAAAT?!

I LOVE & follow I'm both a fan and a follower of their Facebook book page.
So you can imagine my surprise when  the following picture HG posted yesterday, showed up in my Facebook feed last night. 
YEP, I damn near spit out my juice because I was LOLing so damn hard!
The above "Steel Magnolias" poster is part of a group of movie themed movie posters from CuteStreetD.
Personally, I prefer "The Big Lebowski", "The Princess Bride"; "House , and the  "This Is Spinal Tap," (OK, ESPECIALLY the Spinal Tap) prints they sell. 
But I still think it's cute - Not really sure how my pancreas feels though ;)  

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Unknown said...

This is awesome. I would love this to be a tattoo! Haha :)