Friday, November 14, 2014

World Diabetes Day 2014: Please Remember That YOU. ARE. AMAZING.

On This World Diabetes Day - I want to take a moment and tell you that YOU ARE AMAZING. 
If you are a person with diabetes or love a person with diabetes - YOU ARE EFFING AMAZING. 
Diabetes isn’t easy to live with or easy to deal with.  
Diabetes is hard work, both emotionally an physically - And the work never ends.
I know there are moments when you think that no one is paying attention to all your hard work and struggles and I totally “get it.” 
But I’m also here to tell you that it’s not true, because the people who have walked a mile (and many cases, decades) in your shoes understand who you are, where you’ve been and where you're coming from regarding your life with diabetes. 
And in those moments when you feel alone in your diabetes life, remember that you are far from alone. Remember that every single one of is in the Diabetes Online Community is there for you. 
We are there for you when diabetes tries bring you down, and we are there for you to celebrate all your diabetes victories, big and small. And we are incredibly grateful that you are here to do the same for us!
You, yes I’m talking to you! You are magnificent, amazing and fantastical in all dimensions, regardless of your current blood sugar and in every shade of blue and beyond!
And I love you, and I’m incredibly grateful to have you on my team and in my life & I’m so happy to celebrate World Diabetes Day, aka, Dr. Banting’s Birthday with you! 

Kelly K~


Anonymous said...

Another great post. Thanks for all you do through out the year to let us know we are not alone.

Happy 11/142014 to everyone.


StephenS said...

Are you talkin' to me? Well, there's no one else here!

Thanks Kelly for all that you do. Our lives are better for your support. Happy Banting Birthday.