Friday, January 2, 2015

2015: Copious Amounts of Honesty, Kindness & Hard Work

So, it’s 2015 and I’ve really given a lot of thought as to how I’m going to start off the new year - Actually, it didn’t take a lot of “thought” at all. But it sure as hell took a lot of being honest with myself, where I am and where I need to be. 
If I am going “to do” and “become,” shit’s going to have to get real and I’m going to have to buckle down, make some scary changes and hone my life's navigational skills in order to live and achieve the life I want. 
Bottom line: I need to not hold on to the fear of the unknown and believe in myself the way I believe in others in order to become the better version of myself that I know I can, and want to be. 
Doing and becoming not only take copious amounts of work in order to achieve, but also require copious amounts of honesty (As I stated, I've got real life navigational crap I’ve got to figure out) and kindness towards myself (I may have real navigational life roadmap crap to figure out, but I’m talented, I’m passionate, funny and I cut other people more slack than I ever cut myself,) all rolled into one. 

And I’m starting today to be the change I need and know I can be. 

I know I will have moments where I stumble and falter and I know I’ ll want to quit because of self doubt. 
But I know I will moments where I will overcome and I will succeed and surpass my wildest hopes and dreams. 
And I know that you're going to have moments of fear and success re: the goals that you've set for yourself in 2015 - And that's OK, because here's the thing: As long as we don’t give up on ourselves, there's nothing we can't accomplish or achieve - And damn it, we are worth it! 


Karen said...

This is going to be your year!! I'm sure of it. Go get everything you hope for, because you deserve it all.

Unknown said...

You've made a statement that I feel is in-line with and applicable to everyone on the planet who is honest and trying to advance themselves down any spiritual path - regardless of which one of the innumerable paths up to the top of the mountain we choose to take. Just my personal opinion - but well said - A sentiment that I feel goes beyond our "little" on-line diabetic community.

StephenS said...

This is powerful.

Obviously, I hold a biased view. But personally, I don't think you have anything to doubt. You are already sensational. Anything additional will just be even more sensational.

I look forward to that. Thanks for everything.