Wednesday, February 18, 2015

OverNight Bag: More Like “Extra Diabetes Supplies/Shoes I May Or may Not Use But Can't Leave Home Without, Bag.

Overnight bags should be easy to pack and relatively light -  hence the reason they’re called “overnight bags.” You're not going on a world tour, you’re going away over night and you shouldn’t require a lot. Pajamas, toiletries, the next days wardrobe and an extra pair of shoes. Unless of course you have a busted pancreas. 
Then you need to pack all sorts of extras in your compact overnight bag. 
Extras that don’t seem like a lot, but take up space none the less. 
Extras like at least 3 sets infusion sets/reservoirs - Even though you’ll be away for 18 hours, tops.  
The first spare infusion set is in case you need to actually replace the infusion set you currently wear because it stopped working. 
The second spare infusion set is designated for sneaky doorknob attacks/wardrobe pump tubing malfunctions.  
The third spare infusion set is reserved to counteract dead spot issues with infusion sets one and two.
Then there’s forth spare infusion set, the one that I initially refused to pack because I didn't want to be all melodramatic, but then decided to throw in my handbag as I left the house, because “you never know.”  
Three days worth of extra oral meds because of unforeseen circumstances and craptastical weather, but last minute you switch it to a 5 day supply because of two words:North Carolina - Same goes for extra underwear. 
Extra insulin even though your current pump reservoir has close to 75 units because busted pancreas and I don’t make any. But again - NORTH CAROLINA.  
Lets not forget a multitude of Kindbars/snacks & glucose tabs for the both car ride/ potential middle of the night lows. 
Phone charger because of course and as much as I’d love to leave them at home, the big clunky sensible/non pretty ugly ass shoes (that take up a ridiculous amount of space,) because yours truly has a stress reaction in her 4th metatarsal and can only wear sneakers/ a certain extra wide pair of waterproof boots to combat the snow and the big clunky sensible/ ugly “dress” shoes for the next 6 weeks until said stress reaction heals. 

Overnight bag my ass - it’s more like “extra D supplies/shoes I may or may not use, but can’t leave home without, bag. I'm grateful to have the bag and the spare supplies and even those ugly ass shoes, but I needed to vent ;) 

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Mike Hoskins said...

I always tend to forget glucose tabs more than anything else... and it's always those that I need the most, when traveling for any length of time.