Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentines Day: #SpareARose, Save A Child & Live In Your Gratitude ~

Tomorrow is Valentines Day - And if you’re single, the barrage of Valentine’s Day commercials can make you feel all sorts of emotions - none of them good. 
There are moments as a singleton that Valentines Day can make you feel so sad for what you don't have, that it makes it incredibly  difficult to focus on and appreciate all the amazing things you do have.  

Here's the thing: I have a lot. 
I have wonderful friends and family and an amazing and supportive community called the DOC (the Diabetes Online Community,) who inspire me daily to become a stronger, better version of myself on a daily basis.
I have a roof over my head and a car that gets me where I need go.   
And I have access to insulin, otherwise known as the lifesaving elixir of life - That's freaking huge. 
Not every one is so lucky. 
This year I may not have a significant other, but like last year and the year before, I will be sending valentines to children with type 1 diabetes in developing countries in the form of insulin and via
$5 (the cost of one rose) provides a bottle of insulin ( a one month supply,) for a child in a developing country through
$10 = 2 bottles of insulin and $60 dollars provides a year supply of insulin for a child who may not otherwise have it
By helping others through #SpareARose, I help myself because it reminds me it's not all about me. There are bigger problems in this world then not having someone to buy me roses on February 14th - much bigger

I don't know my valentines by name, but I will think of them with love, concern and compassion everyday.  
I will think of them every time I looked at my insulin pump and I will think of them when I look at the insulin in my refrigerator. 
And I will do my best to help my amazing t1 valentines stay alive and stay healthy so that they can grow up and become amazing adults. 

#Sparearose, save a child, help others and live in your gratitude - It doesn't get much better than that. 

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