Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Diabetes & Weird Worries.

Today is #dblogcheck day, where we stop lurking and leave a comment on the blogs - The comment can be as simple as "dblogcheck," "check," or whatever floats your proverbial boat~
Living with diabetes has the potential to make everyday things weird and worrisome - if you let it - And try as I might, sometimes I let the weird worries get the best of me.  Here are few examples of my D weird worries as of late - I'm hoping at least some of you might be able to relate to them.
Last night I was baking, what I was told red skinned sweet potato at 400 degrees in the oven, while sautéing chicken on the stove top. 
When I opened the oven door to check on the potato, I was hit by a wave of heat and ended up clipping my insulin pump to the back of my pants because I was afraid that the heat from the oven would cook my insulin. Then I was worried that I’d already cooked the insulin in my pump because I’d been standing in front of the oven for at least 15 minutes. 
Seriously, am I the only one who thinks that way? 
And then when I took said sweet potato from the oven and split it open, the inside was white. It was a sweet potato for sure, but it was white not orange.
  1. I was totally confused
  2. I was immediately worried about the glycemic index 
After googling for a good 15 minutes, I found out red skinned sweet potatoes are indeed white inside. 
But I couldn’t find any relevant info on the subject (except that white sweet potatoes lack the beta carotene of the orange sweet potato,) so I ended up eating a quarter of the potato instead of the half I’d originally decided on - Did I mention that it was big ass sweet white potato? 
I didn’t feel like dealing with the carb count or worrying about the potential spike. 
But I spiked big time anyway because then I went all sorts of apeshit crazy and ate a big fat sugar cookie with icing from Starbucks - which I bloused 50 carbs for. 
But did the big ass sugar cookie cause me to spike, or had I cooked my insulin from the 400 degree oven? Or was my spike caused by the crazywhite sweet potato? 
Perhaps it was a trifecta of all three or did my diabetes just flip its bitchswtich?  
So yeah, what should have been a quick and simple grilled chicken salad with a side of sweet potato & a dessert ended up being anything but. 
Also: Something’s in the air re: me and sweet potatoes. The other night I bought again, what I thought was a sweet potato, but it ended up being a yam. 
Sweet potatoes and yams are not the same thing, no matter what the nice man at my neighborhood bodega says. 
Also: Yams are gross. 

Speaking of cooking, I like to watch cooking shows -and maybe when I'm alone in my kitchen, I make pretend to have my own... or not. OK, I absolutely do. 
But I digress.I like to learn new ways of preparing foods. & experience new ingredients and flavors - because I love food. 
Here’s the thing: Halfway through the segment, my focus almost always shifts from the recipe, to the meal’s carb counts, serving size and 9 times out of 10, the chef’s cholesterol. 

I love The Pioneer Woman and nobody loves cheese more than I do, but I worry about her - And that’s my issue, not hers. Ree's doing a kickass job with her family, her life, her ranch and her blog
But living with type 1 diabetes for the 37 years automatically makes me see numbers; blood sugar, cholesterol, carb/fiber counts on my plate, instead of the food. 
And diabetes has given me all sorts of "food quirks", annoying food quirks.

Diabetes weird worries aren't limited to food - please feel free to share yours. 
No judgement here  - we are in this together - And we're all weird in our own way~ 


Karen said...

I want all cooking shows to give us carb counts. Especially Cupcake Wars!!

Unknown said...

#dblogcheck but I always read! You're awesome!!

Brad S. said...

In my best Elephant man voice, "I am not a number...I am a human being!"

Stacey said...

Really? Yams are not sweet potatoes? We have a cupcake place here (that won an episode of Cupcake Wars) that I bet could make a sweet potato cupcake. :)

Tricia said...

I totally blame my pickiness with food on my diabetes. Growing up on NPH and regular insulins, having to eat certain things and amounts at certain times, etc. How does ANYONE that grew up under those circumstances not have weird food issues?! Mine may not be entirely diabetes -caused because I'm just a picky eater in general (no ground meats, only a few veggies and fruits I like, textural issues with stuff, don't like foods mixing or touching - hmm, sounding a bit OCD here!).
Anyway, try to think about the food when you bolus, and after that, ENJOY it!

Kerri. said...

Now all I can think about are cupcakes ...

Alex C said...

I might not do it with cooking shows, but I have so many weird quirks. Some from diabetes, others from my celiac. I have an insane ability to list ingredients in common packed foods. Especially those ones which I can't eat, and keep reading, hoping they change the ingredients.

Alecia said...

I can't even watch cooking shows because they make me hungry and remind me that I have very little ingredients in my home to make anything. What I'm really trying to say here is, I'd like to come over for dinner! xo

Joanne said...

There are certain foods that make me inwardly groan when Elise asks for them. I try to never say no, but I've also learned that pizza is okay as a lunch food, but when we have it for dinner it means there is a night of no sleeping ahead.

One day I will unlock the secret to bolusing for pizza.

Laddie said...

I love sweet potatoes but have never found them to make my blood sugar happy. I would freak out at a sweet potato that is white. I go through the same thing when I order a beet salad and see white and orange beets in addition to the red ones. The same. But not the same.

Unknown said...

I was super impressed at your discipline at eating only a quarter of your sweet potato to see its effect on your blood sugar and then I almost laughed out loud when you said you ate the cookie with frosting. I'd totally do the same thing.

Tarra said...

Kelly I love Pioneer Woman too. I love the fact I can take her recipes and make them gluten free if they are not already so. I do the same thing as I see them cooking. I wish I didnt have to think about it at all but I know at least how to eat healthy.

Mike Hoskins said...

No, you're not crazy for thinking that way -- I've done the exact same thing, in avoiding the oven and microwave. With that said, let me be perfectly honest here: Your posts make me hungry. And they rekindle my desire to explore the kitchen and cooking world... used to love it, but fell out of the habit. But as we work toward eating healthier and even lowER carb, we've been tuned in to a lot of cooking shows regularly and your posts often rise to mind in wondering what fun recipes you've got stirring. So, thanks for that! Of course, now I want some potatoes. And a cupcake. And a Starbucks cookie... ;)

Nerdy April said...


Also, I have a heated mattress pad (which is ah.mazing) and I often worry about sleeping with my pump touching the bottom sheet, I quickly flip around or move the pump elsewhere on my waistband. Don't want to wake up to scrambled insulin. Haha.

Pam Osborne said...

I related to the 15 minutes of googling the sweet potato which ended in so little useful information. Sometimes it's easier just to guess in the first place!

Andrea said...

Your post reminds of the envy I sometimes feel towards people who feel hungry and eat food without thinking beyond the fact that their belly wants to be filled. :)

shannon said...

freaking carbs man

I prefer sweet potato pie to pumpkin at thanksgiving.

Mike Durbin said...

Now I want sweet potato fries. Thanks. :-) #dblogcheck

Christopher said...

What a coincidence! Dayle and I were discussing the difference between three different sweet potato/yam options at our grocery store. I'm still trying to expand my food options so every meal isn't a struggle.

Thanks for sharing this.

Doug Tallman said...


I binged on cooking shows. Now, meh. It just seems weird to watch what you want to taste.

Anonymous said...

I too love cooking shows and recipes, but I HATE the ones where you don't get the full nutritional information. It should be mandatory like food labelling. We NEED to know the carbs, etc. in the recipes so we know if we can try them or not! I'm with you!

StephenS said...

Sorry I couldn't get here until a day later. You are right-- yams are gross.

Also, I'm wondering how red skinned/white sweet potato fries taste.

Also: Thank you for being so damn fantastic all the time. You are the best kinda people.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE record your cooking show one time and post it. That would be awesome! #dblogcheck


k2 said...

Guys -
Karen: Ironically, when it comes to cupcakes I never worry about the carbs - I just go for it and have fun!
ALSO: I'm freakishly good about guesstimating carbs in cupcakes. It's all about the cupcake circumference and the thickness of the icing.
Maria- You're awesome, too!
Alecia - Come on over!
Alex: I'm all about label reading
Kerri - Me too!
Joanne - I stick with flat crust
Terra :)
Brad: Now I'm getting a visual!
Stacey YES & YES!
Laddie - Normally sweet potatoes don't rock my bg boat - but I don't them all the marshmallow crap on top.
Tricia - You're gonna hate me -I'm cool with letting my foods touch!

Nerdy - OMG, I have the same thoughts re: my heating pad and insulin pump.
Also: I must get a heated mattress!!!
Mike H - Thank you!

k2 said...

Pam - OMG, I agree!
Andrea: HUGS
Shannon - I have never actually eaten sweet potato pie.
Mike D: Yum and YUM.
Christopher: You're welcome!
Doug: But you'd watch my cooking show... right?
Not Dead D - Great minds!
Stephen. YES, now I'm wondering, too & right back at ya!
Anon/Jason - OK, that should be easy to do - in alternate universe - but I'll work on it! :)