Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lunchtime Chat

I had lunch with my cousin and we talked about life -as in what was going on in ours at the moment; our parents, our family... and diabetes - all the usual KUNIK stuff. 
It was a good conversation and a quick breather in the middle of some very difficult moments.
After lunch and as we rushed through the parking lot and looked for her rental car, we continued the diabetes Q & A , and my cousin suddenly said: God Kel, diabetes really is like a full time job!
And I looked at her and was like: Yeah, it is - and thanks for saying that. 
I hadn't used the analogy with her, she'd asked lots of questions and made the connection on her own. 
Diabetes is like a second or third full time job, without benefits (sans the DOC,) or a 401K! Don't even get me started on stock options! 
My cousin's words made me feel validated because they were validating!
I appreciated that she not only "got it," but that she said what she thought out loud so I could here it.  
And then we jumped in her car and drove back to the hospital, ASAP and diabetes took a backseat, literally and figuratively, and I was glad of it. 

My focus needed to be someone else and I was really glad that diabetes behaved, stayed in the backseat and didn't call "shotgun," once.

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