Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Diabetesalicious: Links In The DOC & Beyond~

Stuff, as in a lot of stuff going on. But while I’m dealing with stuff, check out some interesting blog posts and other links in the DOC and beyond~ 
I found the "Diabetes Man Cave," a new and most excellent D blog at the start of last weekend & via the twitter. Self described as "a virtual spot to talk about issues that men with diabetes face," I found the DMC to be straight from the heart, honest an incredibly eye opening. Give it a read and be sure to follow The DMC on twitter @DiabetesManCave

A few months back, NPR ran a story as to why insulin in the US is so expensive and The International Diabetes Federation reposted the link on it’s Facebook page yesterday. 
The subject matter is frustrating and incredibly important - give it a read and a listen by clicking, HERE. 

CGM technology saves people with diabetes lives and allows them to live a more healthy life - but access to CGMs for PWDs on Medicare is a bitch!
The Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition has made it incredibly easy for us to email our Reps in Congress to pass S084/HR1427, aka, The Medicare CGM Bill.
Click HERE to make your voice heard. 

There’s an interesting Kickstarter campaign for an app called Type1D that helps parents, family members and the likes there off, team manage their child’s diabetes.
To read more about he Type1D app, go HERE and checkout the Kickstarter campaign, HERE

On a personal note, season two of Fargo starts in September (and takes place in 1979,) and my niece Cristin has a recurring role - I'm stoked!
Cristin plays Molly’s mother Betsy - I'm not sure who Molly is, but I will be hitting Hulu to catch up on season1. But until then, Watch the new season 2 trailer - Cristin appears at 0:18 through 0:27 marks.

Stephen Shaul wrote a compelling post today re: how to react and how not to react and you need to read it, NOW. 
 FTR: This quote from Stephen sums up the post and goes straight to the heart - and the heart of the problem: "Because when we point out that my type of diabetes isn’t to blame for [fill in the blank], or we say this type of diabetes isn’t caused by [fill in the blank], we’re also implying that some other type of diabetes is to blame, or some other type of diabetes is caused by something that our type isn’t. Don’t believe me? Ask a Type 2 how they felt about some of the most vocal responses to the CrossFit issue." 

Several children with undiagnosed diabetes have died as of late - and it's unacceptable and heartbreaking  - those deaths didn't have to happen and a cheap blood test at the pediatricians office could have saved their lives
Another unacceptable, unfathomable, and incredibly heartbreaking death occurred a few weeks ago, but this time the child and her family were aware of the diabetes diagnoses - and did their best to prepare for a ocean journey in order to find a better life. 
An 11 year old Syrian refugee named Raghad Hasoun died on a Mediterranean migrant boat after traffickers reportedly threw her insulin into the sea. You can read the heartbreaking story about what happened to Raghad, HERE.

I know this is a disturbing topic - but it's a very real problem and Raghad's story needs to be heard. 
Also, I’ve reached out to one of my contacts at The International Diabetes Federation re: Raghad story and she's looking into Raghad's story and promised to stay in touch. 
She also sent me a link re: refugees and shortages of essential medical care for refugees, especially those with diabetes all over the world.

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Thanks for the mention Kelly. Very kind of you. These are all important stories that should be shared and read everywhere!