Thursday, July 16, 2015

Going Through My Junk Mail Folder & Diabetes Brain - The Struggle Is Real, Folks~

I was going through my Junk Mail folder via my phone yesterday and scrolling up from the bottom to the top, when I quickly read the description of the top email before I read who the email was from. 
So of course when I read about new pumps in classic styles and colors from Sam Edelman, for one split second I was all like: Why is this in my Junk Mail folder?? 
And then of course I realized the email was about shoes, not insulin pumps and Sam Edelman was of course the shoe designer and not related to the various Edelman's I know in the D world. 
And that the email was sent from Nordstrom's..... And then I felt REALLY, REALLY, STUPID. 
Diabetes Brain had struck again - and FTR, the struggle is real folks. 
At least I didn't send Miss. Zarah Ibrahim the $2000 she requested to release the 2.5 million that had been left to me by a great, great, great, uncle that had been thrice removed.... So YAY, ME?!  

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