Thursday, July 30, 2015

In Need Of Lemons And A Much Needed Walk~

Some days are hard for reasons that have nothing to do with diabetes. 
I looked at the clock - it was 6:30 pm and I needed lemons because I’d been craving a tomato salad with olive and lemon dressing all day.  I was also in need of a walk because my head was about to explode. 

It was one of those days where every conceivable thing that could go wrong, did. 
Frustrations greeted me from every corner and location  - including my inbox. 
On top of it, I was sad because I'd been thinking and missing some people in my life that were no longer here - and I felt alone. 
I put on my asics nimbus gels; checked my blood sugar (it was 182,) dialed back my insulin pump to a temporary basal rate of 60%, grabbed a small recycled shopping bag that converted into a backpack and tossed some money and a kind bar in there. 
Then I clipped my iPhone to my left hip, and with my insulin pump clipped to my right hip, I put on my headphones and I walked.... and I walked. 
I walked towards the setting sun and away from the days problems and fears. 
I listened to music - an eclectic mix of upbeat songs - until Patty Griffin’s “Making Pies,” came into the rotation. I skipped that beautiful song entirely, because even though I love Patty Griffin & the song - it’s incredibly sad and I didn't want to hear it. 
I kept walking and a 1.5 miles later I started to feel better. 
And I kept walking.  
Finally, I made my way to the grocery store, bought my lemons, threw them in my bag, walked out of the store and you guessed it, I kept walking. 
At 8pm, I walked to and in my front door - and I felt like a different person.
My blood sugar was holding study at 122. 

But the walk wasn’t about getting a lower blood sugar, it was about walking to clear my head and to feel better - the 122  blood sugar was an added plus that made me smile ~


StephenS said...

I'd love a recipe for that dressing, if you feel like sharing:)

I'm glad you were able to clear your head and kick in the endorphans for a while.

Unknown said...

Nice! I also had one of those days. A 20 minute power walk at work did the trick - I love the outdoors/ sunshine. Always makes me feel better no matter what ;)