Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Lauren's Hope Giveaway & A Life Lesson In The Surf~

After THIS low blood sugar of 46,  incident at TJMAXX in June, the folks at Lauren’s Hope reached out to me and offered to send me a couple of their new Summer/casual inspired Medical Bracelets - and I was glad they did. 
FTR: I'm a fan of Lauren's Hope and I wear (and wrote a review,) for their Ooh,La La bracelet, which I love and. Unfortunately, I wasn't wearing that bracelet during  my TJMAXX experience - AND I WILL NOT MAKE THAT MISTAKE AGAIN. 

The Bracelets
First up:  The ClearWater Medical ID Bracelet. 
This is the Clearwater bracelet ~
Why I like The Clearwater bracelet: It’s pretty, I wear a lot of blues, greens, yellows, purples and black, so the aqua beads work with everything I own. I also wear a lot of sterling silver jewelry, so the sterling bar beads seamlessly blend with my other sterling accessories
The ClearWater can go from casual to dressy and it’s one of the few “dainty” looking pieces of jewelry that I can wear. And while it looks “dainty,” it isn’t - it’s incredibly durable.
Also. the bracelet is interchangeable with any Lauren's Hope medical ID tag.  
On Tuesday, my niece Tess saw the bracelet on my wrist and thought it was beautiful, which it is - and several strangers have stopped me and asked where they could get one.
Important info:  
Important information regarding this braceletThe Lauren's Hope website states that the clearwater bracelet is not not to worn in hot tubs, the pool, or ocean water.

Lauren’s Hope also sent me the Journey Cuff bracelet - see below. 
I love the textured pattern of the Journey Cuff - I also love that it's swimming and surf proof!
Also: It makes me feel like I'm Wonder Woman! 
The Journey Cuff is stainless steel, is impervious to both the elements and my clumsiness, and it’s stylish. Personally, I LOVE cuff bracelets and I’ve been wearing the Journey out and on the town, I also wear every time I go swimming in the ocean. The Journey stays securely on my wrist and has never come off in the water, and both the patina and the Rod of Asclepius symbols have not faded.
The Journey Bracelet also became a valuable teaching moment for my 10 year old friend “BrownEyedGirl," who I’ve written about several times, before.  

The Lesson
Brown Eyed Girl and I made our way past the crowds and through the waves - the storms off the coast meant the waves were good and the currents were strong - we went out deep and began body surfing  
One wave took me all they way to the shallow water - and as I stood up, Brown Eyed Girl came running towards me and shouting: KELLY, YOU’RE WEARING JEWELRY IN THE WATER - THAT’S NOT GOOD. TAKE IT OFF AND PUT IT WITH OUR STUFF!

Sidebar: BrownEyedGirl notices EVERYTHING.
I looked down textured pattern of my Lauren’s Hope Medical Cuff bracelet and smiled. 
No, this bracelet is for wearing all the time - even in the water. It protects me.” 
BrownEyedGirl: From the waves?
Me: NO! It’s a Medical Identification bracelet - My information is on the bracelet - My name, that I have diabetes, my Doctor’s name and phone number, incase I can’t tell them myself.
BrownEyedGirl: What do you mean,“if you can’t tell them?” 
Me: Liiiike if I’m in a car accident or something happens because of my diabetes and I can’t talk or I’m not awake.
Sidebar: I was trying to keep things simple and low key. Brown Eyed Girl is a 10 year old going on 40 - she was born with the personality of a little mother hen and she’s a worrier.

Brown Eyed Girl: But Kel, how do they KNOW it’s that kind of bracelet? 
Me: Good question, BEG. I can’t believe I forgot to tell you that. 
See these two red symbols on the front of the bracelet - their called the Rod of Asclepius and it’s code for Medical bracelet. Doctors, police, firemen and EMTs are trained to look for the symbols on jewelry and tatoos with the symbol - even regular people like you and me know what the symbol means. 

Brown Eyed Girl. OH, OK - I GET IT.  Kel, is that bracelet just for people with diabetes? 
Me: No, it’s for anyone with a disease or allergies, or other health issues
BrownEyedGirl: Hey, you wore a black and silver bead bracelet with that symbol on it on Christmas Eve. 
Me: I did! that’s my fancy Medical ID Bracelet -  but this one is to wear everyday and especially when I swim. 

Brown Eyed Girl: Kelly, can I see what the bracelet says about you? 
Me: It says I’m AWESOME... but OK. 
I took it off quickly, turned the underside of the cuff towards her while holding it tightly in my hand and let her read the info out loud, then quickly slipped it back on and tightened the cuff securely on my wrist. 
Brown Eyed Girl: I’m glad you have that bracelet, Kel. 
Hey, want to go back out in the deep water  and watch me do the Butterfly Stroke? 
Me: You mean your award winning Butterfly Stroke? The one you won a 1st place medal for at swim clinic a few weeks ago? Yeah, I do!

And that’s exactly what we did... and a wonderful time was had by all ~

Speaking of winning... 
The Contest
Here’s your chance to win a $50 egift certificate, courtesy of Lauren’s Hope.
The Rules
1. Leave a comment on this blog post stating why you'd like to win the Lauren’s Hope gift certificate - and any other thoughts that cross your mind while reading this post.  
2. You or someone you love must have diabetes.
FTR: Lauren's Hope offers Medical ID Jewelry for women, men and children. 

3. The winner will be chosen announced here on the blog, Monday, August 8th and the winning entry will be chosen by

4. If you win, you have 48 hours to email me ( or facebook me with your name and email address.

If I don't hear from you by Wednesday, I will choose a new winner. 

As I stated previously, Lauren’s Hope gave me both bracelets, free of charge. 
And while I appreciate that kind gesture, it was up to me if wore them or wrote about them. 
As you can see, I did both. But as you all all know, my thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone~ 


Unknown said...

Ooohhh! I would like one because I have never had a medical ID of any kind. Still don't, probably won't unless someone just buys one for me or gives me $50 for one :D

Liz said...

I love your story about The Brown Eyed Girl! She's smart as a whip!
Why I'd like to win:
I've been wearing my Medic Alert ID bracelet forever (41 years as a Type 1 and I don't even remember when my parents signed me up for Medic Alert). I like their stuff but it's not as pretty as what I'm seeing at Lauren's Hope. They have some really beautiful stuff. I've been putting off shopping so it'd be great to have a chance to get some of their stuff.

AD said...

Would love to get a cool braclet for my son. Great reviews of the company. I've never heard of them before.

Diane said...

Love the fact that brown-eyed girl is eager to know about the brackets. I would love to have a Lauren's Hope bracelet they are so unique! I'm a type 1.

duroadrienne said...

I love your story about the bracelet. I would love to own one, I have been a diabetic for 42 years and love the look of the bracelets that they offer. Medic alert bracelets have come so far from when I was first diagnosed. Here's wishing myself "Good luck"

Unknown said...

Love the narrative and the excellent examples of how these alert bracelets are such a benefit! I hate that you had a low at TJMAXX (or anywhere), but glad you're ok now! My T1D daughter has outgrown the whole "ID necklace" idea that I was able to get her to wear at diagnosis age 7 and for many years after... but as an 18 year old going off to college, it's now more important than ever for her to wear a medic alert ID of some sort.. and the necklaces are a no-go. These bracelets are perfect accessories that serve the necessary purpose yet are very stylish! I'd love to win one for her!

Laura said...

I love those cuffs! I have a purple one with flowers that I've been wearing for almost two years and I love it, but I'm hoping to get a closed bracelet kind like the beaded one you showed. My baby son keeps taking the cuff off... I've tried other alert bracelets but nothing has come close to the quality offered by Lauren's Hope.

Unknown said...

This may be cool enough for my son to wear...and you KNOW who I'm talking about!

Suz said...

I've shopped at Lauren's Hope before but I didn't know the cuff was "beach proof"!

Gabrielle said...

I'll throw my hat into the ring: I'm a t1 diabetic of 33 years and I have not had a medical ID piece of jewelry since I was a little kid. These looks super nice!

Unknown said...

Type 1 diabetic, love the look of Lauren's Hope bracelets!

MegG said...

I like the post because it's a nice reminder that diabetes can be pretty, and that wearing a medic alert bracelet isn't something you do for just yourself, for the people you love. I had a hypo seizure at the grocery on Sunday and haven't been wearing my bracelet (weird allergic reaction). I don't know what would have happened were my husband not there!

I've admired the jewelry from Lauren's Hope for a while, and I recognize that I should be wearing something. The certificate would be just the kick in the pants I need to get something ordered and to be wearing it!

Unknown said...

Nice post! I would love to win because my dog ripped off my last bracelet. That cuff bracelet looks much more durable :-). Hope you are doing well!

Dawn Neal said...

I would love to win this for my type 1 daughter she is in need of a new alert bracelet.

DoubleHubble said...

I would like to win this Lauren's Hope bracelet because I wear my ID bracelets everyday and I like them to be fashionable, not just an ugly old medical ID. I am a T1D for almost 22 years and I like to switch my bracelets based on what I'm wearing and how I feel. Also, Monday is August 20th, not the 8th. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Victoria I have had type one diabetes a little over a year now. I am 12 years old and in the 7th grade this year and I love Laurens hope. I don't have a medical Id braclet. My mom can't really afford one at the moment cause it's hard for her being a single mother of three and I love her so much. I hope you pick me please.

JC said...

Great writing about your experience, although I'm sorry to hear that you ran low at TJMAXX.
I'm writing this because one of my college age daughters has T1d & does not currently wear her medical alert bracelet, to the best of my knowledge. If her top dresser drawer ever has a severe diabetic low blood sugar episode, it would be well identified...
Both of these are stylish and yet relatively low profile, so they don't scream "I have a medical condition!". That's really the point, isn't it?
Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

Kim S said...

I've tried to get my 12yo, T1 for 8 years, to wear an alert bracelet since she was diagnosed. She just doesn't like what's out there. Until I showed her Lauren's Hope, thanks to your writing about LH. She actually expressed excitement about possibly getting one of their pretty bracelets. And that's big for a tween who rarely expresses excitement anymore...just not Thanks ��

liv said...

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 3 months ago and I don't have an awesome medical bracelet yet. I'm out with my young daughter often and it would be really smart to have something on in case of an emergency. Love your blog!

Keri said...

I'd love to win one. I really need a more waterproof one since I pretty much never wear mine at work due to that.

Unknown said...

Bracelets are excellent and I will look at Lauren's Hope website. I have two teenage type 1 boys that NEED medical alert bracelets and winning a gift certificate would be much appreciated.

Scott E said...

T bough my LH bracelet a couple of years ago and am quite happy with it. I think it's important to note that they have attractive and sleek-looking MENS styles as well (the name may imply that all they carry is girly stuff - they do not). I wear the Stealth bracelet (it's like a metal watch band) and it stays on my wrist for months or perhaps years at a time, with no reason to remove it other than to look at it for curiosity's sake.

Though I find the prize extremely valuable, if I win I would gladly turn it over to one of the other commenters who don't have one. They need a first one more than I need a second one.

Kristy said...

I recently looked into Lauren's Hope and they have some nice stuff! As a T1, in a recent Endo visit, the doc asked if I had been wearing a med bracelet which I had not been doing. :( I have a sporty thick band which doesn't look nice when I am dressed up for work. So, a practical, functional and visually appealing accessory doubling as a medical support would be amazing!

Kate said...

I'm a big fan of Lauren's Hope, and really need a bracelet I can wear in water. I'm not, however, diabetic. I suffer from HYPOglycemia, and routinely have blood sugar dips into the 40s, and sometimes as low as into the 20s. I'm almost religious about wearing my medical alert jewelry because of that, but I'm worried about ruining some of my beautiful pieces because I do warm water exercise (for mobility exercises) and will be moving back to the coast soon, and my favorite past-time is tide pooling!

Unknown said...

My best friend and I met at a summer camp for juvenile diabetics (Triangle D in Wisconsin) when we were 8. I have since had a kidney/pancreas transplant and lost my vision due to the diabetes. Michelle is in much better shape, but has severe low blood sugars. I need a new bracelet indicating the transplant and she needs one in case of a hypoglycemic reaction in public and also to indicate her use of the pump. A gift card to Lauren's Hope would go a long way in securing bracelets for us both, and with their beautiful designs, would symbolize our 27-year friendship too.