Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Diabetes Weirdness: Who Put My Insulin Pump On The Table?

I'm a little weird and diabetes is a lot weird - I shouldn't even be surprised anymore...but I am. 
Last Saturday night I was sitting around a friend’s dinning room table eating salsa and chips and chatting about all sorts of non diabetes related things with my cohorts. 
Things like the weather, our families, the Republican Debate (don’t even get me started,) when midway through the conversation my insulin pump made a series of beeps to the tune of “FYI: your insulin pump is set to a temporary basal rate.” 
Now I know that annoying but necessary tune very well and normally it becomes white noise, until I decide to hit the “snooze”/ACT button.
Without skipping a beat in the convo, I unclipped my pump from my hip; pressed ACT, boluses for 2.5 units of added insulin protection for the chips and salsa, placed my insulin pump on the table and promptly ignored it - and my friends didn't even bat an eye. 

But here's where things get a little weird: I didn’t even realize I’d put my pump on the table, so an hour later when I got up to leave, my pump damn near bungi-pumped off the table and onto the floor, but I caught it just in time. 
Again - I was completely unaware that I’d placed my pump on the table instead of clipping it on my hip. 
OK, sometimes I keep my insulin pump next to my laptop when I'm writing for easy access, but that's for another blog post. 

FTR, every now and then I find myself forgetting to clip my pump back on after I fiddle with it - but that particular insulin pump faux-pas usually occurs when I’m sitting alone on my couch, engrossed in a movie or the Downton Abbey season finale - not eating chips and shooting the shit with friends.
Sidebar: My blood sugar was 135 when I got home - so it wasn't blood sugar related. 

Anyway - I thought I'd share this bit of Kelly/diabetes weirdness with you - and I really hope you can relate, because it's no fun being the only D weirdo out there~ 

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Unknown said...

Republican debate :) hehe i had a dream last night that i was in a meeting with the republicans and donald trump was there and he was bald! And i yelled at him a lot - true story :)