Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Dear Congressional Members: #HearingDiabetesVoices In November & Beyond

Dear Congressional Members: 
My name is Kelly Kunik, and I'm asking as your constituent, your countrywoman, and a person who has lived with t1 diabetes for roughly 13,870 consecutive days, (38 years,) to hear not only my voice, but the voices of every single person living with diabetes in the Unites States and regardless of the type. 
Also, I also lost my 31 year old sister, Debbie to t1 diabetes complications in 1991. 
Back then, diabetes technology was in its infancy - analog insulins weren't available and our diabetes treatment options were limited. 
Debbie's death was painful and horrific and the emotional toll it took on our family is still being felt today. 
Thankfully, much has changed in the diabetes arena - diabetes technology and medications including insulin, are not only saving lives - they are assisting us to live healthy and long lives. 
With that being said, people with diabetes need your help - We need access across the board to life saving diabetes treatments, D technology, Certified Diabetes Education for all and regardless of the PWD  type and or medicare status.
We need our elected officials to understand the diabetes facts, instead of relying on the diabetes myths when it comes to diabetes legislation that will cross your desk come November.

We are asking that you schedule a Diabetes hearing in Congress this November, National Diabetes Month. 

And we, your constituents living with diabetes and all those who love them, need you to vote YES on diabetes legislation that will come across your desk this November. Including: 
  1. The National Diabetes Clinical Care Commission Act (H.R.1192) 
  2. Medicare Diabetes Prevention Act (H.R. 2102)
  3. Preventing Diabetes In Medicare Act (H.R. 1686)
  4. Access To Quality Diabetes Education Act (H.R. 1726) 
  5. Medicare CGM Access ACT ( H.R. 1427) 
  6. **Checkout this article from the folks over at Healthline/Diabetesmine for a simple to understand breakdown of these important bills
Our future good health depends on these Diabetes Bills becoming laws.  
These Bills will allow PWDs better access to diabetes medications and diabetes technologies, quality diabetes education, not only insuring a better quality of life, but a more healthy life!
99 percent of our diabetes care is in our hands and these Bills will help us to take better care of ourselves.

Lastly, PWD (People with Diabetes) vote - and we educate ourselves on the laws that will benefit or hurt people living with diabetes.  
When legislators vote on legislation that helps people living with diabetes - we will return the favor in the voting booths. 

When legislators vote against laws that help people living with diabetes, we will absolutely return the favor in the voting booths. 

#hearingdiabetesvoices is crucial for every single person living with diabetes, for every single person who loves someone with diabetes, and for every single person caring for someone one with diabetes. 

And #hearingdiabetesvoices is crucial for every single member of Congress and The House who is running for re-election. 

Kelly Kunik
PWD, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin,and niece to family members who are currently living with diabetes or who have died because of diabetes. 
Diabetes Advocate
Registered Voter  

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