Sunday, December 6, 2015

Of Weekend Work-Outs, Beautiful Weather & Mostly 'Bitchin' Blood Sugars~

Because this weekend I worked out both days and outside - and it was incredible. 
The weather was amazing and yep I'll say it, it was exhilarating. 
I didn't do a hardcare, kick-my-ass-to-the-curb, workout - One 3 mile mile walk yesterday and a 3.3 mile today. 

Temperatures felt more like late October than December - until the sun started going down, then there was no doubt that it was December. 
And those workouts contributed to the best multi-day blood sugars in... well,.. I don't know, because I'm not quite sure, but like a while. WHATEVER.

And now yours truly is ready to go to bed because fresh air + working out = sleepy time. 

But because of DIABETES throwing a bitchswitch, and even with my insulin pump's temporary basal rate reduced by half for most of the afternoon and all of this evening, my blood sugar is now 80 with 1.10 units on board. 

But Im not going to stress - I'm going to do.  
I'm going to knock back the rest of my juice, then eat a cheese stick, wait for my numbers to go up, and hit the sack. 
And I'm going to be thankful because I don't feel like being in bitch mode.
I don't feel like getting mad or frustrated - I'm not in the mood. 
 Today was a good day and I'm thankful for the beautiful weekend; the workouts, the sights and the mostly bitchin blood sugars. 

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