Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November Is National Diabetes Awareness Month - Here's My T1D Footprint - What's Yours?

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month, (#NDAM, for those who only speak in hashtags) - a month where where we "bust diabetes myths and perpetuate diabetes realities," to those sans diabetes. 

And JDRF has created a very cool tool that calculates your t1D footprint. http://www.jdrf.org/t1dlookslikeme/

We spend so much time dealing with our diabetes - now we have an easy way to get our own personal breakdown of our D numbers to help us educate others - and to remind us of how hard we work!
What's your T1D diabetes footprint look like? 

Also, if you live with LADA1.5 or t2, you work damn hard, get your D stats, too! 
I haven't had a day off from my #T1D ind 14,246 days! 

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