Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Diaversary: It Was 40 Years Ago Today

40 years with diabetes has gone by like "THAT!" 
I plan to hang with friends tonight and tomorrow night. Initially I wanted to throw a big 40th Diaversary party - but it's been a crazy quarter. So I've decided to celebrate throughout the year!
14,600 days ago, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. 
It was 40 years ago, today - THAT'S CRAZY. 

Also: 40 years - W.T.F. How the heck can my diabetes be older than me?! 

So what have I learned since I was dx’d way back in 77? 
A hell of a lot and quite frankly, too much for one post. 

Diabetes has taught me to appreciate and celebrate the good days - and to acknowledge the not so great ones. 
That it’s OK to laugh at diabetes and I strongly suggest that you do - and as often as possible. 
On the flip- side, It is also absolutely OK to cry because of diabetes and I encourage it.
Keeping “it” all inside is overrated and detrimental to our mental and physical health. 

It took me almost 40 years to realize that my parents weren't mad at me - they were upset at the number on the meter. Parents, keep your game face on - kids can't differentiate.  

I discovered that diabetes guilt can be an anchor around your neck that you didn’t even know you were wearing. Get rid of that accessory, ASAP - it holds you back and keeps you down. 

Diabetes is still teaching me to choose my battles and focus my energies on things that are important.

Diabetes proved to me that I was actually good at math. 

Four decades with a busted pancreas has taught me that there are moments when you feel alone with and because of your diabetes - but that if you have a d tribe - you are never alone. 
Find your tribe and never let them go. 

Finding the Diabetes Online Community has taught and continues to teach me that my diabetes isn’t better than yours - it’s just different... and in some ways, very much the same. 
So no matter what type of diabetes you have - I got your back. 
I will stand beside you and fight for you. 

I will listen and I will defend and I will not blame. 

Life and life with diabetes has showed me that you can do everything right, and still not get the results you want - but you have to keep trying. 

Life has reinforced the fact that there are worse things than diabetes.

Things like losing your parents and the people you love.

Diabetes has shown me that words matter - and that what you say and how you say it, does indeed matter. Choose your words wisely, check your tone often.

Diabetes was the catalyst for training and developing my voice, because diabetes forced me to speak up and speak out from a young age - even when it was the last thing I felt like doing.

Diabetes made me that realize that saying “I’M HIGH,” after checking my blood sugar, can result in shocked looks from strangers. 
Also: Obviously diabetes has been a huge influence on my twisted sense of humor. 

After 40 years of life with D, my empathy skills are dialed up to 11 - and that is the gift that keeps on giving. 

And during these last 40 years, I have learned that's OK to fall down - as long as you get back up. and that ssometimes getting back requires multiple attempts. 

Finally, 40 years of living with diabetes, but mostly because I am my mother’s daughter, 
I have learned that seeing the positives in life helps you get through life..  
And every year on my diaverary, I make a list of positives and based on the Diaversary number I’m celebrating. 

here's what I came up with this year.

40 Positives
1. The color of the sky 10 minutes before the sun goes down - it’s never the same canvas and it ALWAYS takes my breath away
2. Making homemade soup - it relaxes me and clears my head 
3. Eating homemade soup
4. Clean, crispy sheets
5. Swimming in the ocean
6. Salt water  - swimming in, floating on
7. Dogs - I love dogs and dogs love me
8  Photography. I love taking pictures. Photography makes me appreciate colors and expressions, and allows me to see the little things that I might never have noticed.
9. Super sweet strawberries
10. Halloween and dressing up in costume
11. Music 
12. Not many in the DOC know this, but I love to sing. I took voice lessons for years, and in college I used to rock out on the mike. 
13. Speaking of singing, SHOW TUNES are my jam
14  Hearing/seeing my nieces and nephews sing. I love watching them perform. 
It’s in the genes and it makes me happy 
15. Nailing carb count when it comes to a crazy difficult carb meal 
16. Christmas lights
18. Diabetes meet-ups - also MAGICAL 
19. The DOC. I’m damn grateful that I found the DOC in 2007 - you guys have changed my life and rocked my world
20. Diabetes technology - you’ve come a long way baby! 
Now, if we could just get the prices down!
21. My DOC and non DOC children. I don’t have bio children and that door is probably closing for good sooner rather than later- but I have amazing DOC and non DOC kids who enrich my life and make my heart happy. 
Littles, Middles, Teens, and College age. I love them, I learn from them, and I am so proud of them!
23. D moms and dads who have become my friends, substitute parents, and friends for life. 
24. The way certain shades of green make my eyes pop - Same goes for purple, turquoise, and yellow. 
25. Riding my bike on perfect day
26. Traveling - I love to travel - I need to do more of it
27. Jeans that make my ass look fantastic
28. My friends (diabetes and not,) who are family - I would be lost without them
29. Cupcakes make me happy, and for the most part - I can nail the carb count by eyeballing the circumference and thickness of the icing on the cupcake - It’s a gift, and a tasty one at that!
30. My family
31. When kismet happens
32. My parents. They are gone, I miss them terribly. 
I hate that they no longer walk this earth and the very thought of them brings me to tears. 
But I had them, they loved me, I loved them
33. Being an Aunt. No words except I love them all more than I love myself
34. Red wine, presecco, and Tito’s vodka - but not all in the same glass
35. Books. Books have been my friends since forever
36. City lights
37. Great sex and lots of it
38. The word MAGNIFICENT. It’s well… MAGNIFICENT. People don’t use the word “magnificent” nearly enough  - but I do. Learn from me. Embrace magnificent, say the word and use it often - And always let the world see how truly magnificent you are!
39. Indian Summer. Perfect weather, amazing colors and light - TRULY MAGNIFICENT, INDEED

40. Hope floats, even in the roughest of waters ~


Anonymous said...

Happy Diaversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great interview with Stacy Simms today. Yes there are 40 exclamation marks. Next week is 25 years for me, and definitely celebrating.

Jason in Orlando

Rick Phillips said...

Dammit, we go through this every year now. You gain a year on me and I have to work to get another year. Ok, so your gaining again, but I am all in for 44 years. Watch out I am on the hunt to get 4 years up again. :)

Sandy said...

Happy 40th diavetsary!! U rock!!!!