Monday, March 26, 2018

Little Diabetes Victories Mean A Lot.

Much like little ripples making big waves, little diabetes victories strung together can turn the diabetes tides to a wave of awesome - celebrate the ride, no matter how long or short. 
Two weeks ago, I decided to check my bg stats for the day on my Omnipod's PDM and before I went to bed. 
And you could have knocked me over with a g*ddamn feather when I learned that I'd been in range for 91% of the day and wondered if my long since dead pancreas was somehow revived and producing insulin again. 
FTR: It was not - and my daily stat 3 days later - where I was in range for 13% of the day clearly proved that... but I digress~
Sidebar: My CDE and I have been tweaking my basal and carb ratios since the Friday before Christmas via Glooko, and I'm happy with the changes - so is she! 

But back to the story, I celebrated by posting a pic of my stats on the Instagram
Not because I wanted to brag and not because I wanted to compare myself to others. 
I posted because I wanted to celebrate having a damn good diabetes day and share with others who understood why I was celebrating. 
And obvi, I post about my diabetes struggles on the Social Media, too. 

Diabetes is fucking hard; it's all encompassing, there's no such thing as "time off for good behavior," and diabetes burnout is VERY REAL and incredibly debilitating. 
So when something good happens D wise and a little diabetes victory occurs, 
I do my Diabetes Victory Dance (which some have described as being similar to the Elaine Dance,) and hope others join in. 
And you know I bust out my Diabetes Victory Dance moves, when others celebrate their own D victories - and I'm looking forward to celebrating yours! 
I celebrated being in range 91% of the time and posted on my instagram.
I posted to help others and to help myself.And to remind myself: 

1. it not only happened,
but that I was the one who made it happen

2. When I have diabetes day that kicks the shit out of me, I have photographic evidence that I can do it!


Cathy DeVreeze said...

I can celebrate that I haven't killed anyone since I have now been 5 days without my CGM! Actually, BG's have been pretty good with multiple tests per day

Rick Phillips said...

I am celebrating that you are celebrating. Bravo!!!!