Monday, September 17, 2018

mySugr: Sponsored Post & Giveaways

Update: 9/24/2018: The winners of the mySugr Bundle giveaway have been notified, mySugr has been contacted and the giveaway is now closed.

DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post - mySugr is the sponsor. 
If I didn’t think mySugr Bundle was a good option for people living with diabetes to consider, I wouldn’t have given up my time, bandwidth, my actual blood, or agreed to host 2 giveaways.  
As always, all thoughts are mine and mine alone own.
The folks at mySugr reached out to me and some other Diabetes Bloggers a few months ago re: the mySugr Bundle.  

Here’s Why I Said Yes  
  1. mySugr makes diabetes suck less - I dig that. 
  2. mySugr bundle is a good product at a good price.
  3. This is important to my heart. The Diabetes Online (and Offline) Community has always helped me, and I like and truly believe in paying-it-forward to my friends, readers, and everyone living with diabetes when it comes to helpful diabetes options, information, and cool D giveaways. 
  4. Also: I’m all about people with diabetes having access to diabetes options -as in having lots of them.
  5. Speaking of options - I need more. As in my insurance always seems to be changing what they will and won’t cover - including test strips - how many strips they will cover per month VS how many strips I know I need, living in fear that they will change and no longer cover my RX. For me, good alternatives and back-up plans are crucial.  
  6. Every 3 months I have to call my DME supplier because they refuse to automatically refill my 3 month RX unless we talk. It’s a 45 minute anxiety filled phone call with me having to explain, and by “explain,” of course I mean fight for my full amount of test strips. My diabetes isn’t going anywhere, nor is my need to check my blood sugars between 8 and 11 times per day, every day. Also: EXHAUSTING  & requires a lot of coin and time. 
  7. Scott Johnson is my awesome friend of over 10 years. Sarah K "Sugabetic" is my awesome friend of 8 years. I trust them. 
mySugr Bundle Standouts  
The cost. It’s affordable. $39.95 per month and includes unlimited test-strips that automatically ship out without a phone call. 

The app is easy. 

mySugr Coaching. I have a CDE that I work very closely with and whose services are covered by my insurance. 
I know first hand how valuable working with a CDE is - I know how lucky I am that my insurance covers my CDE  visits… at least for now. 

Many PWDs don’t have the benefit, funds, or access to a Certified Diabetes Educator because their insurance doesn’t cover CDE visits. That SUCKS. 
I love that mySugr offers access to highly trained CDEs and on an unlimited bases, via mySugr Coach and I think it's great that more people will have access to CDEs via digital diabetes care, thus making diabetes suck less. See what I did there ;) 

The mySugr Bundle Giveaway Part of the Post 
If you leave a comment on this blog post, you will automatically be entered in the mySugr Bundle Diabetesaliciousness Giveaway. 
2 winners will be chosen and you have until Thursday, September 20th to leave comment.
 The 2 winners will be announced on Friday, September 21st. 

What You Win
Each winner will receive a mySugr Bundle

Each Bundle includes 
One 6 month subscription to the mySugr Bundle program - with unlimited strips in the 6 month subscription time frame and immediate and upgraded access to mySugr Pro and mySugr Coach.

One mySugr Bundle Starter Kit, (a $213 value,) which includes:

1 Accu-chek Guide Meter System
250 Test Strips
1 FastClix lancing device
1 box of 102 lancets

1. You can’t already be an existing customer of the mySugr Bundle program.
2. If you are insured by any government healthcare program, including , but not limited to Medicare or Medicaid, you cannot participate in the giveaway.

3. You must be a U.S. resident. 


sam said...

Pick us! We have been wanting to try this and I literally just spent 48 minute on the phone with my son's medical carrier for a meter!

Unknown said...

This is amazing! I would love this subscription for one of my family members that is diabetic. Mia is lucky that her test strips and lancets are covered by insurance. She is on a specific meter that communicates with her pump. If I won, I would definitely pay it forward!!

Rick Phillips said...

Cool give away. Cool people, Cool all around. I cannot win, so please do not enter me.

Sarah Chagdes said...

Very cool!! Pick me! I also need to know why the lancet count is 102?

Dex Geralds said...

This is probably the coolest and life saving giveaway I’ve ever seen!! Thanks for this post or I would have never known about them!

Rachel McC said...

I’d love to try this out. It seems like an awesome solution to an ongoing problem of fighting for the number of test strips I need.

Unknown said...

Sounds awesome, my little one has had diabetes for almost 2 years. Would love to win :)

Kristen Childs said...

This is awesome. I love what you are doing. I am a T1D with costly private insurance that still covers nothing. We pay out of pocket costs that put our family in a bind every single month and this program seems like a must for people in situations like mine. We make too much money to receive government assistance, but not enough to cover all of the medical costs of someone that has multiple chronic illnesses. Hope we win. Thank you for doing this.

Kima X said...

Well I have met (virtually) some very inspiring people in the last 10 years. I’ve learned a lot from chats, blogs, comments, tweets etc. And now maybe I can get some free stuff? Majorly cool!!

Unknown said...

PICK ME!! Pick me

Unknown said...

This would be a great way augment what I have! I’ve heard so many good things about it! ��

Erika said...

I would love this!!! Despite dedication my blood sugars are not improving. Ready for a change!! My insurance doesn’t cover CDEs. :((

Jamison said...

Would love to win

Unknown said...

Pick me!

Unknown said...

Hey!! This is a great opportunity! Pick me!!!

AnDee said...

This is a terrific giveaway!!