Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Diabetes Hardware & The Moisturizer/Sunscreen Chess Game

Re: Dex, I am only referring to the G6
I need/require good moisturizers for both face and bod - because thank-you dry skin!
Also, I like to feel silky soft and smooth~ 
And I use sunscreens with built in moisturizers for both and you know I reapply liberally. 

But thanks to diabetes - I'm always playing a continual moisturizer/sunscreen chess game - 
as in thinking three steps ahead re: my next Omnipod placement and immediately after putting on a fresh pod.  
OK, 3 days ahead re: where my next Omnipod placement will be. 
Heck, sometimes even six days ahead! 

Bottom line: If you wear diabetes hardware, you know that moisturizers and pod/pump/cgm/libre stickums don't always work well together. 

The struggle is real. 
Calculating my next move on the chessboard that is my body - 3 days in advance has become part of both my diabetes brain and regiment, as is acknowledging that Skin-tac is both ally and enemy. 

Do you find yourself playing the diabetes hardware Vs moisturizer/sunscreen chess game ?
If so, what's your 'tactic' ? 

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Rick Phillips said...

I know what I do with my CGM that is not impacted by sunscreen and moisturizing. But if I say it I feel certain there will be a Males have it so good rant. Now having not said that, yes we do have it so much better. See I avoided and short circuited that argument all in one sentence. Proof positive I have been married for 41 years. They do not just pass stuff like that out at the boyfriend school. :)