Monday, October 22, 2018

Getting Back To Exercising After An Injury

Ever since I broke the joint of my pinky toe over the summer, (the bone healed, but I developed peroneal tendinitis and had to go to PT,) my exercise has basically consisted of regular day-to-day walking - as in walking around normally and doing “normal stuff - with lots of resting and icing in between, daily stretches and some swimming
Luckily, I’ve kept an eye on my food intake, kept my eating healthy (at least for the most part,) and haven’t gained any weight - I’ve even lost a couple of pounds. 
But I’m not loving how my weight has redistributed - even though my jeans are a size smaller than they were last year.
My PT gave me the OK to start light workouts 3 weeks ago. Walking 1.0 to 1.5 miles in my first workout, then adding to it as I start to feel more comfortable. 

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. 
I haven’t done it because I’m afraid. 

My toe feels tender and a little weird sometimes since it no longer lays flat on the ground - because that’s what happens when you fracture the little toe joint the way I did - and I was told that it would heal that way when I went to the Dr. after I broke it.

I’m nervous about exercising and I’m not sure why, but I think it’s because I’m afraid that since it will always look different, it will always feel different. 
And I’m afraid of inflaming the tendons - which is the main I had to go to PT in the first place.

My PT told me that one day I’ll wake up and I won’t even think about it - and I know she’s right. The same thing happen with my CT and trigger surgeries . 
One day I woke up and I didn’t think about using my hands to lift heavy things - I just did it. 

I need to stop thinking and comparing and start DOING  - and not just when it comes to exercise either! But one issue at a time.

Bottom Line: Exercising and breaking into a sweat makes me feel good mentally and physically, it's also good for my diabetes and my heart, not to mention my glutes!

And I need to embrace other forms of exercise, instead of stubbornly focusing on my go-to, which is walking. I need to get on my bike, maybe consider the elliptical, and start up with weights again. Cleaning and organizing the black hole that is my storage closet wouldn't kill me either. 

The simple act of writing about my fears and sharing them with you guys makes me feel better and more positive about the whole sitch.

I'm glad I could talk it out with you guys - thanks for listening and for making me feel better! Xoxo


Rick Phillips said...

I once fell and had a compound fracture of one of my fingers. Yes I am still sickened just thinking about it. Like you one day the pain went away. Yes terrible and still sickening but it is OK nnow. I hope your toe gets better. In fact I know it will.

thediabeticsurvivor said...

Hello Kelly, I'm so sorry about your tendinitis. I know how frustrating could be plus there is a lack of information (even from the perspective of western medicine) about it. At the same time, doing sport is so important for the diabetes management. A year ago I had an injury in my right knee and since then I couldnt go back to jogging, my sugar got worst, kind of a catch 22. Hope you are better.