Thursday, May 30, 2019

Carry-on Bag: MacGyver Trapper Keeper Vs All My Diabetes Supplies

I don't know about you, but sometimes in life.... and life with diabetes, I need to remind myself that I am a lucky duck. 
Also: This happened in the a.m.
 I've been thinking about gratitude a lot as of late, so I decided to write about turning this morning's bitch frown upside down.
New Mac sitting on old, big ass, shiny red Ma Book Pro, padded case.
Fuchsia ( I know it looks red, but it's definitely fuchsia,) knapsack, specs, car keys, water bottle. 
This morning I put my brand-new and super streamlined (not to mention super light,) MacBook in my old MacBook Pro’s red, shiny, padded laptop case. 
And I was like:  I'm effing brilliant - I'm talking MacGyver level smarts! 
There was so much damn room that I could fit my trusty/always on my person, 5X7 sketchbook as note book; current paperwork, and a spare pen on the other side of the sleeve divider with room to spare. Slap a rainbow and unicorn stickers on that sucker and it was like a grown up version of my Trapper-Keeper from grade school!!

I was impressed with myself and said out loud: I don’t need to get a new laptop case - I can fit my new Mac and more in my Trapper-Keeper! 
Then I placed said "MacGyver Trapper-Keeper" and its contents in my trusty fuchsia backpack and was all types of happy - until reality set it. 

I absolutely required a new streamlined laptop case/sleeve and the reason had everything to do with diabetes. 
I’m heading to San Francisco next week to attend ADA (more on that early next week,) and need to carry my MacBook, various charger(s), diabetes supplies (spare Omnipods; insulin, glucose strips, a spare sensor, glucose tabs, snacks, etc.,) on my person/in my carry-on bag, a.k.a, my knapsack  - and I need all the room I can get. 
I momentarily forgot that my shiny red padded MacBookPro case always makes for a tight fit re: D supplies when it's crammed for travel. MacGyvering it only adds to the cramped quarters.

MacGyver Trapper Keeper 20.19 was a no go. 

And for a few seconds (OK, more than a few - at least sixty seconds,) I was annoyed because I thought I could forgo buying a new case and save a few bucks.  
After all, I’d just spent a shit ton on a much needed new Mac - and  I am so incredibly grateful that all the stars aligned to make make it happen

My old Mac was a 2012, purchased in February of 2013, is officially slower than molasses, riddled with software issues, and weighs 4+ pounds. 
Also - and I'm only partly joking - I was  afraid it could blow up at any minute, software wise.

It was long past its expiration date, and now “my old friend” sits in a place of pride on my desk, as my official backup/home computer, no longer accompanying me on the road.  

With all new electronicals, there’s compatibility issues with old ones. Sound familiar diabetes peeps? 
Now that I have a new Mac, I require a new printer because my current printer wants nothing to do with my new Mac and refuses to recognize its existence in the universe

I now need a new printer/scanner. I get it, I am on it.  

Anyway, back to me being momentarily annoyed - I took a breath and was glad again, quick. 

Because I know how lucky I am to have a new Mac - I know that it will help me do my job today, next week - as well as future jobs, assignments, and personal projects - HELLO Light ROOM. 

I know I’m lucky to be attending ADA for work.

And damn straight I know how lucky I am to have spare insulin in my fridge and extra diabetes supplies in my hall closet. It's a luxury that many of us living with diabetes in the United States and beyond do not have.   

I have no right to complain because in the grand scheme of things - screw my MacGyver Trapper Keeper! 

$14/$19 new streamlined MacBook case is a small price to pay for peace of mind re: protecting my Mac while allowing me to have extra room for my diabetes supplies in my carry-on is a gift…. as is having insulin in my fridge... And I am a lucky duck, indeed~

Also: I use the words Mac, MacBook, and MacGyver a hell of a lot in this post. 

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Rick Phillips said...

That is funny, I just say I MacGyver'd something today. Having mad MacGyver skills are the best.