Friday, June 14, 2019

Kim H - I Will See You In Every Rainbow~

We lost a member of our Diabetes Online Community family last week. 
Kim Hislop was great people, a fantastic Diabetes Advocate, and woman who changed the way we talk about D complications. She was also super goofy, a Walking Dead freak, a Disney Head to the 11th degree, had a custom and much deserved Super Shero cape made  - and wasn't afraid to wear it. And Kim was a person looked for rainbows in every nook and corner of the universe. 

She also created the them. 

You can read about Kimberly's life, HERE. 
Fancy Kim
“Kim would tell you that her life was a beautiful storm. She found a rainbow almost every day of her life. She was a loving wife, fur baby mom, daughter, sister, and devoted aunt to her three nephews and niece. Kim loved her life, her family, friends, and her animals. Her passion was to travel and share as many experiences as possible with her friends and family. She especially loved her trips to Disney World with her family and friends.”

Being part of the Diabetes Community (the DOC,) has given me friends/family around the globe as well as a global voice. I am blessed. 

I’ve been lucky to meet some of my tribe in real life - including Kim.
We were able to hang out in real life @ multiple Children with Diabetes, Friends For Life conferences & in Atlantic City @ the Diabetes UnConference.

Kim’s spirit was stronger than her body - she was a resilient trooper who took the cards she was dealt and celebrated life by traveling the world with her husband and friends, helping many along the way, and much of the time with a rainbow attitude to boot …and these past few years - with her portable kidney dialysis machine. 

The really tough thing about having a diabetes tribe is losing a member - be it happenstance in life.... or because of the very thing that brought you together - diabetes.

The last time I saw Kim was July 2018, at Friends For Life in Orlando, Florida. 
Emotionally she seemed really strong and wise - while cosplaying in a pineapple dress that was almost as sunny and bright as she was.
Kim told me that life was short, and that there are no guarantees - that she was going to the things that made her happy, and encouraged me to do the same.

Her words are playing over in my head a lot as of late.  

Many DOC members are making the trek to say goodbye to Kim - including her amazing D Girl Squad.  
I'm compartmentalizing a lot this week - especially when it comes to Kim.
Unfortunately I’m unable to attend Kim’s celebration of life ceremony this weekend - but I will celebrate her just the same - setting aside time this weekend to look for rainbows in all shapes in forms. 

Celebrating the beautiful storm that each of us possess from within - while remembering the beautiful storm that was and is Kim~ 

Kim in Super Hero Mode at Iwishpeopleknewthatdiabetes booth at Friends For Life -
She encouraged and supported me a lot that weekend - I needed it and appreciate still today.

Kim and DOCers at the Diabetes UnConference in A.C.
The last picture I took of took of Kim, at FFL in 2018 - back from the parks with custom made ears!


Rick Phillips said...

Kim was such a bright light and I will miss her terribly. I got to know Kim working with the Betes and what I recall the most is her great laugh. In fact on our calls I woudl often do and say things to get Kim to laugh.

I will not morn Kim with a blue light. But I will morn her with a bright white light. The Bright white light that I will remember ever time I think of her. We have a hole in our community since Kim's passing. One that will be difficult to fill.

Susan said...

I love you and we were celebrating her life with all of you in mind. You and Mel and Mike D and Mike L and many others crossed my mind many times. Mental squishy hug. I love you and miss you my distant sister!