Wednesday, July 31, 2019

I Attended #FFLOrlando19 As Ascensia Diabetes Care's Guest Reporter

I adore and their yearly FFL 
(Friends For Life,) Conference -held every July in Orlando. 
It's truly life changing and I highly recommend attending!
For the record: It's not just for children with diabetes! 

I've attended the conference since 2012 and worked as a conference volunteer starting in 2013 and up until now. 

This year I was able to attend the 20th anniversary of FFL (known on Social Media Platforms as #FFLOrlando19,) as the Guest Reporter for Ascensia Diabetes Care

I was able to participate in the sessions as an attendee and report from FFL with a fresh set of eyes. 

My first in a series of three articles spotlighting FFL is up and running on the Ascensia website. 
Click HERE and check it out. 
Also: Thanks in advance! 

Disclosure: Ascensia Diabetes Care paid for my time and talent and  also covered my flight, hotel, and expenses. 
As always, all thoughts are mine and mine alone. 


Rick Phillips said...

I am glad you go to to go Kelly. I love going myself. Trip stoner said this year was the best one she had ever attended.

Unknown said...

Hi, we are from Ireland and hoping to go to Orlando in July. Am wondering if we could attend some aspect of the conference if it fitted with our dates. Our son is 11 years old and 2 years diagnosed. Many thanks

k2 said...

Dear Unknown -
Please reach out to and tell them what you told me!
Here's the link to their "Contact Us" page.

Also, they have a UK conference scheduled for October of 2020

Good luck and I hope to meet you in Orlando!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info
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