Friday, July 2, 2010

Diabetesalicious-Lite 7/2/10 Edition: A Brief Post on Roche Before The Big Post On Roche

I'm back from Florida and missing it something fierce! After spending Monday and Tuesday with a Gang of D Bloggers, the folks from Roche, ADA and AADE reps, and "pump bumping" with 600 PWDs & CWDs, coming back to the real world is quite a let down!

The real world hit me hard the minute I set foot in Orlando International and found out that my return flight would take off 3 hours late. When I finally did board the plane, I was seated next to a two year old child who didn't fall asleep and wouldn't allow me to either.
I couldn't find my car in the airport garage for a good 20 minutes when I landed at 1:30 in the morning - even though I was on the right parking level.

My "trusty" iPhone nearly died ( it was stuck in some sort of Apple symbol limbo that required me to press all the buttons at once and hope for the best) yesterday morning 2 hours before a very important conference call.

A lot happened in Florida and I'm still wrapping my head around it. The second annual Roche Diabetes New Media Summit was inspiring and educational and I will be posting about it in full detail on Monday, but I'll give you a few teasers to keep you wondering~

Teaser 1: The Diabetes world is marvelously small and I reconnected with someone from my diabetes past that played a huge role in how I view my life with "the betes."

Teaser 2: Traveling to The Roche New Media Summit + Ninjabetic never ='s smooth sailing.

Teaser 3: 36 Diabetes Bloggers talking with the ADA & the AADE about people with diabetes wants, needs, and requirements illicits conversations that are not only interesting, but down right passionate!

Teaser 4: Meter accuracy is on EVERYONE'S agenda, and it should be!

Teaser 5 + a bonus diabetes fact: Never let Cherise near a photo booth because she will come darn close to killing it.


Crystal said...

Great teasers.

Miss you. Tons.

Sorry about the flight issues. :-/ And the phone issues. Enjoy the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a paradigm 722 (metronic) pump as well? Do you also have the same problems that the infusion set isn't round and get's stuck to the quick-serter while it's half way in your belly? >.<

Meri said...

It makes me smile, thinking of all of you there together. Like on big family reunion. :)

Rachel said...

I hate teasers, so I am glad I know how they turn out ;)

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

I can completely picture you guys, particularly after following the tweets of the meeting. The corner of my mouth raised when the defensiveness of a certain woman was tweeted. That woman just didn't know who she was up against. Looking forward to the rest. And golly, so sorry about the sync suggestion if you were no where near a computer, which it sounds like you were not. :(

Sara said...

Man! It is hard to write short post about the Summit! Best of luck on your 'big post' :)

Anonymous said...

Love the teasers,and I echo what Rachel said: It helps knowing what comes of them. Great meeting you in person, finally, Kelly! Looking forward to reading all of the recap posts, and of course just staying in touch generally through the DOC! Thanks so much for being who you are.

Scott S said...

Love the teaser ... I hope to have my take on it done sometime next week (though my weekend is pretty busy, and I'm still unpacking my new office).

Unknown said...

Yeah, it is really hard not being surrounded by awesome diabetes buddies. Especially when your flight is delayed and your iPhone is bugging.