Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Year End Prescriptions & Being High Maintenance - And Being WORTH IT!

Having diabetes requires continually count carbs, testing our blood sugars again and again, run ins with the diabetes police, carry spare batteries, and living 24X7 with diabetes. For those of us with health insurance and high deductibles, it's time to get our prescriptions refilled before years end - preferably a 3-month supply verses a 30-day supply.

My prescriptions stress me out for several reasons. There's the cost, which is just insane, the fact that I have to take so many prescriptions in order to walk around, and the fact that I have to justify said prescriptions to not only my insurance company (who seem to question the majority of them every 6 months or so without fail,) and just as annoying, I have justify them to myself and my friends.

A good friend recently asked me: Do you have to be on cholesterol med? Maybe if you just cut the fat out of your diet and did more exercise you might not need it.

My response: I continually watch, calculate, and bolus for what I put in my body, but genetically speaking, my DNA SUCKS. The fact that I'm on the lowest amount of cholesterol and blood pressure meds to begin with is a freaking miracle, considering all 4 Grand parents, both parents, a multitude of aunts, uncles, cousins and siblings all have or had heart disease. I take them just as much for preventative measures as I do the fact that my cholesterol started fluctuating a few years ago. I can't fight my genetics, but I can make them behave with some help.

Let’s face it, I'm high maintenance and I always will be. And because of that I certainly pay the high healthcare premiums. I don't want to have to continually fight and explain the WHY of it all.

I don't want to give up another food group and I don't want to feel guilty because of my genetics.

I just want to BE, and live, and love, and prosper.

On the outside, we Kunik's are quite the lookers, but structurally, we need some help.

My Achilles heel is my genetic makeup, but it's also my greatest strength. My genetics have made me tenacious and strong and my genetics have forced me to continually pull myself up from my bootstraps whenever I’ve wallowed in the mud of life's shit storm for too long!

This post started out as a reminder for you to get your prescriptions filled, but ended up being something entirely different.

Bottom line: Get your RXs filled before the year’s end and save the receipts for your taxes. And continue to fight for the medication & durable medical equipment that you need because your good health and peace of mind are absolutely worth it - And don't let anyone tell you different!


Cara said...

Thanks for the reminder Kelly!

George said...

I am calling this week!!! Good reminder!

Robin said...

Aw Kel - I so want you to just be able to "Be" too.

If it makes you feel any better my 8-year old is pretty high maintenance too. She currently has 9 prescriptions at our local pharmacy. Granted 4 of them are "rescue" or sick day meds but 5 are daily.

And I think you and Kim are very worth it! I am very grateful for the meds that help keep you both healthy so you can be the amazing people that you are.

Anonymous said...

This post did two things for me: 1.) Reminded me that it's time to renew my scripts this week, including glucose tabs that after Jan. 1 must be accompanied by a doc's prescription in order for Flex coverage. And 2.) Cemented the song "Let it Be." in my head for the remainder of the day. Thanks for both, Kel!

Unknown said...

"My genetics have made me tenacious and strong and my genetics have forced me to continually pull myself up from my bootstraps whenever I’ve wallowed in the mud of life's shit storm for too long!" BY FAR the best quot of the DAY girl!!!!

Thanks for the reminder Kelly!