Thursday, December 30, 2010

Diabetesalicious Recap: I Tried To Keep It Short & Sweet - And I Failed!

So, now that 2010 is all but over and everyone is all about recapping and the likes there of, I figured I’d link to some of Diabetesalicousness posts/terms that were well received - or not.

I couldn’t stick to the top 10, no matter how hard I tried - I've never been very good at editing and my apologies in advance.

So here are more than 12, but less than 19 links that you might remember – or not!

12/7/10: Go Ahead, Flip Your Diabetes Bitch/Wit Switch - This was so well received that Joanne over at Death Of A Pancreas actually used it as the basis of her diabetes animation.

11/10/10: The Onion BLOWS! Not only does The Onion blow chucks, but they totally missed their golden chance to make things right with the Diabetes Community- both on-line and off!

11/5/10: Pitching MythBusters & The DISCOVERY Channel an episode on diabetes myth busting!!

10/28/10: There But For The Grace Of Diabetes Go I - Bottom line, we all need a helping hand!

9/29/10: Scared, Cynical, And The Diabetes Holy Grail - Don’t pitch me your latest book and honestly, I don't care that your married to a doctor - that's not important to me. If your going to tweet the term cure around in the same sentence as your book and NOT expect me to call you on it, guess again. Because I take the term Diabetes Cure to heart - as does every, single person living with diabetes (or who has a loved one with diabetes) and I don't like it when people the term diabetes cure lightly. I actually find it incredibly hurtful and offensive~

9/21/10: Diabetes Moments of WTF – Daily occurrences in our Diabetes Life~

8/10: Symlin Sticker Shock It takes a lot of money to be a PWD & Insurance Companies Love $$!

8/9/10: Conversations With A PowerPuff GirlKids ALWAYS amaze me!

8/5/10: HFCS, We're Not Confused, YOU ARE! – And I think HFCS is full of shit!

7/8/10: Life Lessons Courtesy of Diabetes Tee Shirts & Bumper Stickers available shortly! ;)

6/14/10: Diabetes Bible Cure MY ASS!

5/18/10: Your chance to tell Diabetes Healthcare Professionals what you want from them!

4/22/10: Shout Out To The Lurkers!

3//10: Meters Are Our GPS System

2/18/10: If Diabetes Was An Olympic Sport - We’d All Get The Gold

2/5/10: Dear Oprah & Dr. Oz – Your Diabetes Show Was A MAJOR FAIL!

1/25/10: Grown Up CWDs And Today’s Parents Of CWDs, What About CWDs participating in their disease?

1/19/10: Dear Drs. Banting & Best I LOVE YOU


Hallie Addington said...

I LOVE ALL of these, Kelly! Evey post has something I can relate to.... Something that touches my heart. Thank you! And I would SO like to fart glitter! How cool would that be?!? Possibly a little gross.... But still! :)

LaLa said...

I'm with Hallie - loved them all! Nice recap! Farting glitter makes me pee my pants and makes coke fly out of my nose. Just sayin'.

I look forward to reading more in 2011.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Awesome wrapup, Kelly! I'm particularly fond of you pointing me to the #HFCS issue and the crazy snake oils sales fools out there... The humor always makes the day, though! Thanks for the continued awesomeness and looking for to it in 2011!

Penny said...

What a great wrap-up Kelly and a great year blogging! Here's to a super 2011!!!!

George said...

here are several examples of why you rock the free world!!

Love you heaps and so much more than bacon!

Happy new year!