Wednesday, March 2, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different: Serenading The Unicorn

It's Wednesday, my blood sugars are being bitchy, taxes are looming, my desk has piles of work all over it, and all I want to do today is go out and play outside instead of working like a grown up. Yes, yours truly needed a good LOL!

After all, laughing is good for the soul and lowers blood sugars. Laughing makes you happy and gets you going!

Then, I saw the following video on a friends FaceBook page, and not only did I LOL, I rotfalmfao!!

May I present to you: Whip It And Serenading The Unicorn! ENJOY!
PS: What's the deal with the owl?


Lora said...

Thanks for the laugh :)

Jules said...

i love how they drilled a hole in the red hat so the unicorn could also wear it hahaha.