Monday, March 11, 2013


I take off my glasses, rub my temples and stare at my computer screen - It's blank and I have work to do.

My head hurts and I'm thirsty - Most likely because I'm blowing a midmorning blood sugar of 308.
My internal Magic Eight Ball thinks it's due to a 114 breakfast blood sugar and a miscalculation for a 1/4 cup of low in carb high in fiber with almond milk,  coffee and me being on the 4th day of a 6 prednazone Rx.
Oh. bytheway, big shoutout to this bronchitis that won't stop stalking me and is requiring me to take another antibiotic, plus a 6 day Rx for the oral the steroid, (high blood sugar inducing & cracktastic  hight temporary basal rate required) prednazone.
Ironically, I don't feel tired, just incredibly annoyed and really thirsty.
I keep working through the high blood sugar and all it brings. It's Monday and I don't have time for this shit.
Someone in my office offers to do a coffee run and asks me if I want some.
I tell them "thanks, but no thanks," and keep working.  My blood sugar is 242 and I don't feel like doing any more Diabetes Math than I have to this morning.
The next thing I know, it's almost 2 hours have passed and my blood sugar is now 169.
I wonder to myself if I should up my temporary basal rate of 190% back up to 210%.
I'd dialed down the temp basal rate last night before bed and still needed to suck down a juicebox before lights out.
I decide to keep it at 190% because I want to block off a potential low blood sugar elevator drop this afternoon.
Now I'm not shy about letting people know about my diabetes at work, or any place else for that matter - I don't hide in the Diabetes Closet - And I don't encourage others too, EVER.
But as I look around the office I realize that no one had any clue about this mornings blood sugar shenanigans - And I smile to myself and think: Eff you diabetes - I GOT THIS COVERED.

And at this moment in time, I stand by that statement.
Now if you ask me if "I GOT THIS diabetes thing covered" later on tonight or sometime tommorrow, there's a good chance I'll have a different answer.
 But at this moment, I GOT DIABETES COVERED.... And I don't have to make any excuses for my diabetes behavior - and that is a wonderful thing.  #yayforme


George said...

YAY FOR YOU!!! It's the little wins that matter.

Bronchitis? Ain't nobody got time for that!!

Stupid Girl and the Train Wreck said...

MY husband had an unusually long battle with Bronchitis this year too. What was worse was it was right after he quit smoking. It took two visits to the Dr and a hook up to some special breathing machine the Dr called his magic pipe to get him better. It must be some special inhaled germ that's floating around this year.

Cara said...

You know, one of the best compliments I got this weekend in NY was "I didn't know you had diabetes." :) Not that I hide it, but someone that knew me only casually, had no clue. I felt good about that.

StephenS said...

I would think that if anyone would be rocking this D thing, it would be you. Way to go. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Karen said...

Just seconding that "Yay for You"!!!!!