Friday, March 8, 2013

Make Like A Slinky & SPRING FORWARD This Weekend. Same Goes For The Clocks On Your Diabetes Hardware!

This a Slinky, it's a springy thingy that evokes happy memories from my child hood. 
Plus, I really like the term: springy thingy~
A slinky is a spring that moves forward - Just like the clocks on your insulin pumps, meters & CGMs will do early this Sunday morning  3/10/13,  at 2 a.m.
Because that's when Day Light Savings Time kicks in... That is of course, as long as you remember to set those D hardware clocks ahead!
Personally, I'll be resetting all the clocks on my diabetes hardware around  11pm on Saturday night, because that works for me.
So make like a Slinky and spring forward & set all the clocks ahead  on your diabetes hardware!!

And don't forget the clock on your stove and in your car either, - because you'll get confused if you don't.
Said someone who might have made that mistake in the past & is probably missing a clock in this post!


Jenn said...

There are two that I end up forgetting until it looks weird or doesn't turn on when I expect it to.. The timer on my fish tank light and my heater/air conditioner thermostat.

Mike Hoskins said...

Thanks for the reminder, K2! It's always a process when time changes roll around, just because there are so many clocks around the house but also D-devices to change! We actually have a fun D-cartoon over at D'Mine tomorrow on this, too - which is ANOTHER thing that I typically take on at this time change time!

Misty said...

Thanks for the reminder! I'll be heading off to school with Ally Monday am to change the clocks on her meters stashed around school :)

Betty Smith said...

Thank you! :) And don't forget your watch AND change those batteries in your smoke detectors! ❤And those that change your lancet twice a year, Change those lancets! :)

Betty Smith said...
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