Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What’s With The Diabetes WTFedness?

Diabetes WTFedness & the InstamessageApp ~

Last night right before I started making dinner, I felt slightly low. 

Nothing crazy, no sweating or shakes.... just that feeling in my stomach that things were going south & that I might want to check my blood sugar sooner rather than later. 
This happened as I was just about to slice up grape tomatoes and avocados and make a beautiful pre meal salad.
 I'd been looking forward to the creamy avocadoness of it all since lunch and all I wanted to do was make, and then immediately eat the damn salad!
Sidebar: Is it just me, or have avocados prices been really friendly as of late? 
So anyway, before the slicing and dicing commenced I checked my blood sugar and the number 55 came glaring back at me on the screen.  
And that would be when I uttered: What’s with the diabetes WTFedness?! 

Treating a low is one thing - But treating a low during a meal adds a whole other degree of diabetes WTFedness to the mix. It means over eating, having to test during the meal so you can bolus to prevent a future high and it takes all the joy out of the meal. And it’s a pain in the ass!
I went to the fridge, grabbed the V8 Splash and drank from the bottle. Then I grabbed the sliced roast turkey and provolone out of the fridge, grabbed the bread and mayo and made a quick sandwich and scarfed that down, followed by a few grapes.  By the time the low passed, so had the window on my avocado & tomato salad.

There’s a lot of things that fall under the Diabetes WTFedness helm.

 Things like middle of the night lows for no apparent reason, dead spots that don’t make themselves known for hours, and insurance companies that change their coverage and prescription rules without telling you.
And diabetes WTFedness doesn’t have to take on epic proportions, either. 
Having a glucose meter tell you that you didn’t get enough blood on the test strip for an accurate reading, when you KNOW for damn sure that you did is absolutely a case of diabetes WTFedness.

Diabetes WTFedness is infuriating, annoying, the only good thing about it Is the actually term: WTFedness, diabetes related or otherwise. 

Nor is it diabetes WTFedness limited to all of the above. 

What’s your experience with diabetes WTFedness, or just WTFedness in general? 

PS: Sidebar: I posted #WTFedness and the story behind the term on the diabetesalicious facebook page after I treated my low - And people really related to it!


Unknown said...

LOL!! I can totally relate to every description of this term that you shared! Great post!

Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

Had a WTF low at 2:30 in the morning myself. Oy. Do. Not. Like :-/

Liz said...

Love your term! Diabetes WTFedness may have to be added to my D vocab because it's so true!
One time I was on the phone with my mom getting ready for a run (this was about a year after my diagnosis) and I checked my blood sugar only to find I was low. I started venting in frustration and my mom was like, "It's not a big deal, is it?"
Diabetes WTFedness, that's what it was! Not a big deal, just an enormous pain in the butt when I'm trying to do something normal.
Great post!

Stupid Girl and the Train Wreck said...

I like the term too. I was thinking you should change the name of your blog to that :)

Scott E said...

"Stupid Girl" in the comment above may be on to something!

Those pre-meal lows are a real pain-in-the-ass. Usually what I end up doing is treating the low (4 glucose tabs, 16 carbs, whatever) and then at mealtime - even if 20 minutes later - I put in the old low BG (in your case 55; the actual BG at the time is irrelevant) and add the 16 "correction carbs" to the regular meal carbs. If I'm still a bit low, I'll dual-wave the bolus over 30 minutes. Half-now, half-later. It seems to work.

But it's still a lot of work. And definitely qualifies as WTFedness.

Scully said...

Oh I can fill a whole page of D wtf's

Always going low AFTER I brush my teeth at night.

Pre-meal lows always end me feeling nauseated and then i don't eat. So when I'm low while cooking I usually just give up all together.

there are so many more!