Monday, August 26, 2013

Diabetes Art Day #StripSafely Edition: Navigation

Diabetes Art Day - StripSafely Edition:

A sea  of glucose test strips in the ocean of my diabetes life~
A sea of glucose test strips in the ocean of my diabetes life,
Spindrift's of swirling numbers that never stop  -
Continuous swirling test strips and bg numbers that leave me spinning like a top. 

Numbers generated directly from my blood and the diabetes technology that are the tools to live this diabetes life.
Tools that are my blood sugar compass, Diabetes GPS, and life preserver, all rolled into one - 
Telling me how to navigate with insulin, in order to keep this diabetes life from coming undone. 

Navigation demands accuracy in all dimensions, be it by land or air or sea - 
But especially in glucose test strips and meters, accurate blood sugar coordinates are key.

And Right now glucose test strips are  anywhere between 10, 20 and some say as much as 40% off their marks - 
And that leaves people living with diabetes to navigate the Diabetes Ocean in the dark. 

Kelly Kunik~

Diabetes navigation tools~

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