Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Diving In And Washing Our Worries Away~

When I found my friends on the beach on Sunday, I said my hellos, put down my chair and bags, caught up on all the gossip and 15 minutes later, finally made my way to the shoreline to dip my feet in the Atlantic Ocean & checkout the water temp. 

It was warm and wonderful and as always, the ocean made me smile. I scanned the waves for people I knew and spotted my friend's daughter Brown Eyed Girl, diving over and under every wave she saw. 
And as soon as she saw me at the ocean's edge she shouted: KELLY, TAKE YOUR PUMP OFF SO WE CAN GO SWIMMING!
I told her I'd be back in a flash and then I went back to our beach chairs and placed my pump in a ziplock bag, then in nylon case, which went into a larger ziplock bag, which was placed in my cooler. 

I walked back to the shore line and Brown Eyed Girl and ran up to me, grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the waves, and the two of us jumped over them and laughed out loud as we walked deeper and deeper into the ocean.
Brown Eyed Girl kept telling me to dive under every wave that was heading our way. But as much as yours truly loves swimming in the Atlantic, it always takes me a good 5 (OK, more like 6) minutes or more before I dive right in and under the white caps. 
The air temperature was colder than the water and windy to boot, which always makes submerging a little more difficult, no matter how much a person loves the water. 


Me: Hold on Lovebug, let me get used to it. And why the big rush kid, we have all afternoon

Brown Eyed Girl: Just dive in and you'll feel warm as long as you keep swimming. 
And of course I had to laugh because she was right, about both the water temp and the "keep swimming" part, because I haven't stop swimming in 36 years of living with diabetes -even when I felt I could barely paddle.
And then I saw a wave off in the distance that was going to crest perfectly and I knew that I was going to be diving under it in about 10 seconds - I looked at Brown Eyed Girl and said: There's my wave, I'm going under!

And she looked up at me and smiled - And then she looked down toward my abdomen and her smile dropped and her eyes got even bigger as she spied the infusion site outline under my black swimsuit & at the very second I knew exactly what was going through Brown Eyed Girl's mind. 

Brown Eyed Girl: Kelly, don't go under, you'll hurt your pump - DON'T GO UNDER, KEL.

I ignored the ocean and scooped Brown Eyed Girl up in my arms and swung her around, just as the perfect wave crashed all around us and told her: No worries, girly, it's just the part where my insulin pump tubing goes in - the pump and tubing are back in the cooler. 

Brown Eyed Girl: So it won't hurt your pump to get that part wet? 

Me: Nope, but thanks for looking out for me. 

Brown Eyed Girl: I love you - I always double check to make sure you're pump is off when you come into the ocean with me.

Me: I love you, too, very much in fact. And thanks for always double checking! Now, let's go swimming and wash all our worries away. Hey Lovebug - Last one under is a rotten egg!!!

And then we both dove under the next wave and washed all our worries away - And while I'm not really sure which one of was the rotten egg, I do know that  we were in the ocean for darn close to an hour, swimming and diving and body surfing the waves like we were born with scales and fins. 

And I know for a fact that a wonderful time was had by all~


Scott E said...

This is just the sweetest story ever. I love it!

Anonymous said...

This made me smile. What a sweetheart!

alecia said...

I was just talking this weekend about about kid's reaction to my pump and Dexcom and how (especially this summer), kids just seem so much more familiar with it than adults are.

I love this story Kelly. xo

Penny said...

Made my heart smile, Kel!

Kelley said...

Aww so sweet