Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Diabetes Weirdness: The Sinus Infection Edition

Ok, here’s something weird. I have a big old sinus infection. 
But that’s not the weird part, that’s the annoying part - especially since I’ll be sitting on a plane tomorrow for 6 hours tomorrow. But.... I digress. 
No, the weird part is that my blood sugars have been great this week. 
Not perfect, because my pancreas is of course still broken. But my numbers have been pretty damn good none the less.
And I’ll take those numbers and I’m grateful for them, but it’s strange because Thursday night through Sunday I felt crappy and more than slightly whiney,  but my numbers were not. 
Were the “blood sugars behaving nicely” a result of me being less hungry because I was coming down with something? 
Were my #bgnows influenced by the fact that for the last 3 weeks (and sans the past couple days) I’ve been diligently walking or riding my bike at least 5 times a day? 
Sidebar: Thank you #bigbluetest!
Are the behaving blood sugars hormonal? 
Ladies, I know you catch my drift re: how friendly our blood sugars can be just before we get our periods, 
Gentlemen: Deal with it. Periods, period and PMS talk happen. Learn from the conversation - And bring me some chocolate.   

So yeah, I was a bit thrown off by the sinus infection  at 1 a.m. Sunday morning, when it announced it’s presence with a raging earache and a ridiculous amount of post nasal dripage, because while I had a scratchy throat and felt really tired, my blood sugar numbers didn’t clue me into the fact that an infection was brewing in my sinus cavities.
I actually woke up low on Sunday morning - and that was with me dialing back a temporary basal rate of 50% for four hours, just before I hit the hay.  

Since I’ve committed my thoughts to the blog and made them public, there’s a big fat chance my numbers might decide to eff with me just because they can. 
As we know, Murphy's Law gets all tricked out, diabetes style and happens.
But for now I’m grateful for the good numbers, the antibiotics and the fact that I’m feeling better and have packed 1/2 my suitcase as of last night. 

I'm a little weird and I'm OK with that. And so apparently so is diabetes~

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